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There Mark Robins. Why don't we start things off with college basketball and a match up in Charlottesville, Virginia number two. Number three, Virginia rematch. Duke win a couple of weeks ago. Blue devils get a win on Saturday 81-71 art k Barrett leading the way with twenty six point afterward. Head coach Mike you talking about another one of his freshman, tan reddish. He's just playing stronger. So he was good before. But it's shops were not strong and his whole game has gotten stronger, and he he went on that flurry for a little bit. Which can do we see him getting better? And there are a couple of other matchup of top twenty five clubs number seven. Michigan at home over nineteen Frank Wisconsin, sixty one fifty two number ten Marquette edges fourteenth ranked Villanova's sixty six sixty five and twenty second ranked Florida state over number sixteen logo eighty seventy five in the NBA the clippers rally from twenty eight point deficit in Boston. Biggest comeback in club history. Beat the Celtics went twenty three one twelve in Houston Rockets couldn't hold a twenty four point halftime time late. Russell Westbrook with a triple double. Paul George was forty five the thunder rally to study Houston, twenty seventeen twelve gauge hard does get forty two going over thirty eight twenty ninth straight time tour Paul case, you free shot lake or go Mickelson after three rounds of the Pebble Beach Pro-Am. The Lakers continue their road trip out east.

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