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The person at the man that's barkley with the in pitch simmons lions rack up five hundred and forty five total yards for the day had three sixty seven by halftime and this against the why did on skis deepens the and allowed only about two hundred seventy seven yards per game during the regular season the tax lawyer bolt what di third ranked mississippi state taken on louisville in this game ends up being a coming out party for a bulldogs freshman quarterback yee tom thompson starting in place of the injured nick fitzgerald tops it straight the be state radio network thompson completes eleven of twenty passes one hundred twenty seven yards but much more effective as a runner 100 and forty seven yards in three scores on the ground bulldogs up late in the fourth quarter in what's likely the final college game for louisville quarterback lamar jackson jackson drops looks over the metal that why morning glory breitbart interception helps ice it mississippi state wins thirty one twenty seven in the loss jackson whose likely had it for the nfl roads for a hundred and fifty eight yards and a touchdown he breaks the tax layer bowl record for the most rushing yards by a quarterback autozone liberty ball you got iowa state in 19th ranked memphis and cyclones wide out allen lazard eyes a liberty ball record with and catches on the day second goal it takes the step looks right throws into the end zone up for grabs the did todd on the tarom thoughts cyclone losarte god on the care robe and iowa state reach takes the lead on a pitbull touchdown pass road quarterback ohio pipped espn radio with the call cyclones take the lead on that plays you heard and they hold on to beat number nineteen memphis twenty one to twenty in they get the win on the.

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