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News time seven eighteen beautiful evening in the city sixty one degrees we're gonna drop to the forties tonight and we'll start with some sunshine tomorrow details coming up good evening i'm jeff brown our top stories in the wbz newsroom the prosecutor says bill cosby showed his true colors when he went on an expletive laced tirade after his conviction on sexual assault charges earlier today in california a retired policeman who previously worked with a man accused of being a serial killer and rapist said it's possible that suspect joseph di angelo helped with a search in a killing he's now suspected of committing more details on those stories coming up on the cbs evening news tonight at seven thirty right here at wbz all employees of a wisconsin refinery where an explosion took place have been accounted for this as the blast prompts a mandatory evacuation of people living in a one mile radius jim payne is the mayor of superior wisconsin no risk from emissions right now the evacuation is based on potential risks that from potential future events that could happen at the refinery about a dozen people were hurt schools in the community will be canceled again tomorrow as a precaution gruesome discoveries severed heads found near lakes in texas and louisiana over the past month investigators trying to determine if there's a link here the houston chronicle reports the two victims were white women both with reddish hair neither has been identified a prison inmate doing some cleanup labor found one of the body parts in louisiana in early march and other cleanup crew in texas made a similar discovery a few weeks later so far no arrests teenager who was friends with a relative of the former police officer now accused of being a serial killer that terrorized california the seventies and eighties says he had no inkling about him the girl says she spent many weekends at his home and never noticed anything odd investigators are hoping many questions now we'll be answering joseph di angelo's home investigators are now combing through it looking for items that were stolen from victims who paul bell i says his teams are getting calls from people who had contact with the angelo over the years and.

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