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Just a lot to kind of absorb today Komi really over the top lashing out at Fox News lashing out at House Republicans. How can they sleep at night? What are they going to tell their grandkids? I think they're going to tell their grandkids. We once to asked a disgraced FBI director who was an Obama holdover why he tried so hard. To favor Democrats and take down Republicans. We're gonna ask him. Why he laughed and mocked the Trump White House at the ninety second street y the other day we're going to ask him. Why he had Jim Michael Flynn's set up the way he did. Hey, where your buddies where you're where you're where you're FBI pals, can you give us a tour of the White House? Just a couple of days into a brand new administration, and they shut their sights on this guy. Now, I don't know that his slate is clean. I'm not. I'm trying to follow the Turkey connection and all this stuff. He he apparently was not truthful to vice president Pence. But truthful, of course, guests to be subjective. When facts that might be misstated that may or may not be intentional. And yet, we know what's intentional when you take bleach bit and hammers and destroy. Cell phones, and you have a server in the day of your bathroom. So that you can escape any kind of government shrew scrutiny. We do know that there are facts involved when Peter Struck and Lisa pages. Text messages, thousands of them have been mysteriously vaporized. That seems peculiar awful lot of peculiarities going on here. And a bias. You got just let this sink in. If you're Sean James Komi, and let me give you a little taste of his righteous indignation yesterday. Here's James Komi. Outside the hearing afterwards, he's defiant. He's angry. This is cut number one. This is audio video from Fox News channel and gravy. And where Mr. Komi? Attacks. Republicans in a mighty mighty way. Here it is people who know.

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