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A quick gambling corner Draw back a little bit set of Pickens Free Games. I'm just GonNa go one Thursday night Columbus is at Buffalo I'm assuming Elvis is going to be and then that And we'RE GONNA GO Columbus regulation only. I don't know what they're going to be in the money line but I liked this regulation. Only if I just like a team to win. You don't delay as much juice So we're assuming Columbus is going to be the favourite so it'll be my half probably like minus one ten sometimes even money but that's the loan play Columbus at Buffalo Thursday night regulation only minus the half. So that's that Biz. I played golf Monday with Joel. Vo and and day Adore at audio sick. Men's Club in In Florida and it was so funny I think I think at some point we might get both those guys no no promises but you know jogos lines man. I just I would have to get Joe. Vol- live and what I do is I would probably play sacrificial lamb where I would chirp him a little bit and then he would start. Firing back the cocky lines to me and I would be the sacrificial lamb and we need Jovian like like just going after me. Because that's what he's at his best as when he's just turpin the poor guys just fish. Aloun just dangle a carrot now. I'll take the bullet for the boys. But what about Theodore like? What a guy I'd never known as a great Guy Larry Come on and let it fly. I don't know I didn't even bring it up to me saying that we might get him. She's a complete guest. But maybe maybe at some point who knows I mean he just bust out the JERGENS and listen to them. Tell about how he won. Mvp when he was with the Montreal Canadians as their goalie. Like that's fucking and any most handsome guy in the national hockey league like celebrities. WanNa get Adam and shit so That would be cool. Get we didn't really go into depth about Shea Weber. Interesting story out of Kind of the hockey world and hockey media here which Nick Caprio I think it was today. He tweeted out that he kind of had sources that said that Shea Weber season Sources say Shea Weber. Injury has season likely over and its future in question told. The injury is related to the foot that was surgical repair in two thousand eighteen. While waiting for swelling to alleviate and further and further confirmation surgery seemed unavoidable going into this week. Well after that happened it came on a couple of different reports that Shea Weber was pissed off to hear that is that is future is in jeopardy and that he you know he thinks he's GonNa be okay. The Canadians come out tonight. With a tweet saying Shea Weber expected to miss four to six weeks with an ankle sprain in which tweeted saying that's hopeful for the Canadians Shave fully recovers four to six weeks. I'm sorry that's what is hopeful for them. But I stand by my story about that. The Montreal Canadians concern going into this week with ten and related and not optimistic. I return long-term questions. I believe. Remain well we had a hop in there. I believe he's flying to Wisconsin with to meet a specialist is the latest. I heard it's the same specialists that did suitors foot surgery or ankle surgery a few a few years ago now. This may be false information that I read the doctor who performed the surgery. And Webber's foot years ago is Dr Robert Anderson Green Bay so Shea. Weber's already had this done. I believe on the other foot so this is something that he's familiar with were I mean. Didn't you have to go through something? Where you had the Bo- both problems on on on each feet. Yeah I actually I. I'm pretty sure I saw that. He saw Dr Anderson in Charlotte. Which is where my all my surgeries done Yeah I mean I had an osteotomy of my left foot and I had to get it on my right foot which they cut a piece out of your bone. Lower your arch. I don't think that's any of the stuff that he's dealing with. But it certainly something serious enough worries already had surgery and now there's questions around like Kipruto Saint making add up all. Listen I read. That's I don't remember where I got on twitter. I'm not arguing with you. I'm just saying that's the last I read. I know I could have been so I might be completely wrong I was. I was just saying what I read. No I just think that there's something going on there. I don't I don't believe that. I think that if he is back at four to six weeks things went as good as possible as possible and there was a probably a chance still right now. I don't know but definitely at some point that it was really serious. So we'll see what happens but without him. I mean they stand almost no chance to make playoffs. They're obviously also losing right now to David Posh Rock. It's three one him with your team man in the overall as if it is maybe remotely more serious to shut them down. 'cause like if it gets worse than now it could be career-threatening at least from what. I'm reading but I might be getting mind from my fake don chair each hour or something that I followed by axe Abon Rick from red beard. It's fucking sweeten all this nonsense out fucking idiot. You're on Straw. Currently eight points of the second wildcard. So yeah this could get away from the quick and you know taking web taken shutting them down will make them even worse than I in theory get them a better. Cuna fucking draft pick. I got shit for. We can call her two D. D. R. Two D. Two dude. I don't watch star. I've never watched star trek in my life. So how am I supposed to? I knew are two D- something and then I'm catching shrapnel from all over the place that I got his name wrong star trek either. I'm all that stuff's terrible alder on shrapnel. Yeah Starting All Star Trek over here case. So did we mention Chara? He finally got his fifteen hundred games. And all these people are being pants online because we already mentioned it in November. But here it's like we have to like notify return. They get a gift like this week. John Charro to rock and cheer for fifteen hundred thought. Everyone wants to know that same one whit at in when he played it's ever got we told them we told you what he played his fifteen hundred game. We don't have to give every fucking update for the silver stick. The fucking this and that and the other I got. I got a few positive things here though. Accu scored and collected his twentieth point of the season. Seven goals thirteen assists. Only three eighteen year olds have eclipsed the twenty mark and twenty point mark. Excuse me in a season in the New Jersey devils franchise. History Kirk Muller go here. Sheer and Paul Gonyea. So I just WanNa get some positive news. I know it hasn't been a mind blowing. I season for Jack Us. He is still extremely young. And I've kind of Akin Dog and on the Jersey devils a little bit so my apologies. This kid still vary on. I think he's GonNa fucking pop off I I got word from Mike Kelly works for. Nhl Network hockey analysts numbers guy. Kevin Hayes has five breakway goals this year more than twenty teams in the NHL. He is just dominating the breakaway goal seen in two thousand nine thousand nine hundred thousand twenty inch all season so shout out to our boy as all right boy saw that wraps up the doozy of an episode. Hopefully and everyone everyone enjoys it and has a great weekend out there. Take care everybody as always. We'd like to give a big hardy. Thank you to all our awesome sponsors and hopefully you listen to take full advantage of these awesome companies first off our friends over Dunkin. Full hooking us up at the tryouts Wednesday and they're going to be taken care of us out the tournaments as well Big thanks to Thursday boots are coming back and being a sponsor once again they got some great products. Do check them out Boy He's beef Jerky from Buddy Tim Stapleton. Thanks to them. I've tried the stuff. It's fantastic some of my favorite jerky of course. Bud Light Salsa. We want to give a big thanks to them. They'RE GONNA be sponsoring us as well at the pond termine in a thank you to. Ea sports as well letting Biz change everybody's rating score and all that stuff plus. It's old school for me. Man. That's UH my original hockey game to from back in the day so thanks to all our sponsors once again. Hopefully y'all taken advantage of take care of everybody..

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