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Spending way too much of my time as a high schooler pre social social media era like looking at Ebay and all these fans sites of all these like Japanese imports sites where you could get the sailor moon things that they were like making in the nineties. Listen you can only get them. In Japan I spent so much time. Just looking at sailorman stuff. I wanted to buy but never did and couldn't and now that I like have a little bit of expendable income income and sailor moon is like cool again. I like can't stop myself. I liked need to own the things that I wanted to own when I was quelled and seems fair. You're right okay. Okay so I would say have a limited amount that you budget every month for more clothes and you just spent this month instead of going for Turkey. Yeah that's how I do it with books. I'm like I can't cut myself off completely. I've tried that and so instead of just going going hog wild up. I'm GonNa just limit it. Nope I'm good good and they were all cheap. I got two T. shirts for ten bucks bucks each and then a long-sleeved shirt. I had a coupon and God for twenty dollars and free shipping. So I feel like I'm doing great so all right comics so we can talk about my silverman spending all day but all right so if you have Netflix you've probably seen ads for their new show. The witcher as I did and I was like. Oh probably that's something that I'll be interested in but I really WanNa watch some other stuff. I so I'll just kind of leave that at the back of my head head and then that Dude said that thing that got some article traction where he was like. This is unrealistic because ladies can't dance sword fight and I was like okay now. We're watching this show because as like if it has women sword fighting and quote unquote acting like dude I'm like and if by acting by dudes this guy was like they curse and they just tear meet with their teeth. And that's unrealistic. I was like Sir. You're describing me as a person. It can also sort fight so now. I'm very interested in watching this series and I saw I haven't started yet because I'm that person who wants to read stuff before watching stuff. Okay so hear me out so I was in a work meeting and the only other female at this work meeting right because computer science was talking about liking. This news. Witcher show a guy was like. Oh I saw that a guy who has a good boy. These are good boys So like are good boys all the show so anyway he was like Oh. I heard that I haven't been watching because I heard that it's really you like sexist. And she's like it looks like misogynistic or whatever she's like. Well I'd say it's more just blake aggressively heterosexual than it is sexist. Sure okay okay. That's interesting anyway to that I also growing knowledge all right so I'm very curious to hear your interpretation is it in fact massages take are just are super hero. So let's talk about the comic because that's actually my comment about the like all right so so. I opened up Hoopla and saw that which listeners. If you have a library system that has HOOPLA please download Hoopla because you conveyed five comics for free every month and they actually aside from the big to regularly update the digital comics with frequency. It's pretty great. So they had and they usually have on their featured page stuff that ties into stuff that like just had a trailer drop or things like that so it's actually a very well done system so oh of course. Since witcher was on Netflix they had all these witcher comics and which are volume one. Mike Magnolia did the covers so of course I tapped on that immediate was like wait it does feel like a magnolia thing which was slightly misleading because actually volume one house of glass. which is what I read is by Paul Tobin and joke hero Wpro and Mike McNeil only did the covers however I've read a lot of hell. Boy that's one of my favorite franchises. Like I don't actively I think about it being one of my favorites but if you like say what are your top. Three favorite comic whatever's. I'll probably just be like. Oh the hell stuff. Though and this volume volume of witcher feels very much like hell boy comics in terms of how the story is told and paste and like you know how in the hell comics. They'll have all these little lake. Let's call them like breather panels. Were they like kind of stop. And look at a detail will or like cut to like the creepy creatures faces and it's just like a beat but it gives you enough time to just kind of realize is that this is sort of like a creepy unsettling atmosphere where time passes weirdly so it was that kind of vibe in which your house of glass and Said I was looking. I was so in the first like page of the comic. They also have like all their copyrights up in like. This is based off video games and I was like wait which was video game so then I had to google it and I was like Oh. This comic is based off of a video game which is based off of a series of Polish novels. That I was like Poland so apparently the witcher is actually this like decades long running fantasy series of novels done by a Polish author and it has has like a huge cult following in eastern Europe. So US Americans are super new to all of this so thanks everyone who translated all this stuff and brought it to us in like video game forum room in comics and now a show and so forth but like I was like yeah. What's up motherland? I see you. Your nickel shit had a genetic extinct Last Semester. That part of the class was doing our own stuff without like. You know how you get your own genetics profile from like twenty three and me or whatever and then we did a bunch of population relationship metrics using her own stuff in the previous students. They've kind of built up a database Of The anonymised data and one of the cool thing is was it showed where in Poland we I was from which is yes so and it matched the family lore which was not surprising sends. The family lawyer is recent. My grandparents came over here but still it was cool to be like. Hey not only did they move from there. But also the genes are from there. which isn't necessarily the same? You know what I mean like so yeah it was cool Nice. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah yea foolish okay. Continue so no all right so house of glass the basic first of all I just WanNa say I am so over origin stories in comics. Really Nice Nice for your volume. Want to just be like. Here's our main character stories already happening. And I'm like awesome because all you 'cause the witcher as a protagonist at least in these comics so far because I've already gone into some additional ones is very like here's this dude who's like men a few words and fighting monsters sisters and I'm like awesome. I know this trope. Let's go and I didn't need to know like how he got his swords like how he got his necklace thing that that vibrates when there's evil afoot. Whatever I don't care thank you for putting me right in the middle of the story and so basically? He's like traveling and he's found this guy who's also traveling slash trying to forget away from or sometimes find his wife who got turned into a monster or something and they end up in the woods in this creepy house. That's like a cursed house full of curse to the people and there's cubis right like you do and there's a sucky bus there and she's like just like the second I saw her I was like like. Ra dudes made this book because like Click. You know that look that that women have in comics when they're drawn to obviously just be like here is a sexy woman. Yep so that. And she's like I know I get it. She's a sucky bust and like that's their thing but but she's like almost immediately hitting on the witcher and he's like not really interested and then of course later in the story he is interested but he's not interested he's like fine woman all have sex with you and I'm like Dude wrote this uh-huh so aggressively Hetero but I am continuing to read the witcher comics and I'm also like I said I was obviously curious about the novels that all of this came from and it's like kind of hard to find copies of the early witcher stories translated translated into English so I guess like we have an abundance of the filter down stuff but the original novel stuff is like yeah you could like buying online but like my library only has a copy like e book form. Yes and I'm like Oh weird. This is like this big franchise but I guess that doesn't really translate to people apple actually wanting to read the book no else's Nerd like me. Okay okay all right now. That we've been aggressively Hetero. What comics mix? Are you guys excited for new comics. Come out on January Fifteenth Twenty Twenty because we are in the twenties because that is our lives. Now that is the thing Kate lanphier what are you for. There's a comment called neo. Be She is death and number two comes out Wednesday but number one is getting a second printing and I. I haven't read that one yet either. So I'm excited about both of them. it's written by Sebastian Sebastian. A JONES MEDALISTS DENVER. Yes the actress and the art is by Sheldon Mitchell This is actually a sequel series. The first series neo be. She is life I tried to get my hands on physical copies of it from Alsace but they were sold out and it was never reprinted. So I'm going to have to track this down in digital somehow and the plotline is about a character named the OB who tracks down people who stole young girls for the slave trade. So I think this should become a warrior woman but the very first issue of Nubia she has life shows what looks like a girl like staring out from behind bushes and then the newest issue. That's coming out on Wednesday shows. The armored woman with weapons looks like she's not going to take shit from anybody so I have to read this this prequel series and then catch up with this current series because I have to figure out how she went from girl hiding behind bushes to girl defending people and it's only the first series is only three or four issues news and then the current series is only going to be two issues so far. There's not a whole lot to catch up with but they aren't looks beautiful. It's a person of color color. Female protagonist I'm so excited. All Right Scotch list. What are you got? I am excited for a new graphic novel. That's coming out it's an. Og uncalled in pieces. Some place which I call home by Kurt Enke. I think how you pronounce it. It's A. N. K. E. N. Y.. If you're trying to look it up for a library quest who like someone recently did here It's a debut graphic novel from this person. It's a written Britain and drawn by him and it's a series of short vignettes That are comedic poetic and some of them are just referred absurd quote unquote reveals the personality of the small New England town. And that's what Hook Line and sinker me like personality of a small New England town. Give it to me where he lived for years with his family. And so the things that are like very atmospheric for small doing Lantau around I get very into usually I did live in Connecticut for a while. And I think that's why but in general. I just like that whole whole vibe. I think so. I'm excited for this. It looks like it's all hand-drawn black and white which is also Can Be a nice night shift although obviously obviously with the strangers in paradise and all black and white lately anyway but I think it's fun going from like what I read before that was mister miracle which is very vibrantly differently colored and I don't know about you guys but like I like doing that shift from one to the other and back again Kind of giving giving your eyes a break. I feel like it makes me notice. Notice the color in line work more. When I'm kind of contrasting? If that makes sense it does. I can't say I have done that. Strategy before are but strategy thing. That just happened just happened. Yeah but it happens fairly regularly for me. I don't know why But any case that's who I'm excited for If it if it turns out to be a bummer than a well. It's always nice to try..

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