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Bad news for hamilton clams in britain the london opening of the hit musical has been pushed back promoters the friday the official opening by will be december 21st following previews that begin on december six the show had been expected to open in late november but as has been delayed by renovation works of the victoria palace theater beater owner and hamilton coproducer cameron mackintosh said restoring these story building is taken more time than expected and he's sorry to change the performing schedule producer jeffery sellars of those with tickets to shows that have been cancelled we'll be accommodated other dates as quickly as possible french president emmanuel macron has called for greater european investment in greece to help offset the cashstrapped countries increasing reliance on dawn european countries notably china at a round table of greek and french business leaders on friday macron said greece was fourth to choose known european investors because the europeans were not there that he added showed that the europeans of no faith in europe the us houses though did tisby the introduction of selfdriving cars by giving the federal government authority to exempt automakers from safety standards not applicable to the technology the bill also permit deployment of up to one hundred thousand of the vehicles annually over the next several years state and local officials have raised concern that it limits their ability to protect the safety of their citizens thanksgiving to the federal government sole authority to regulate the vehicle's design and performance states would still decide whether to permit selfdriving cars on the roads generally the federal government regulates the vehicle while states regulate the driver automakers have complained that a patchwork of laws states have passed in recent years would hamper deployment of the vehicles which they seized the future of the industry selfdriving cars are forecast to dramatically lower traffic fatalities once they are on the road in significant numbers numbers of the senate commerce committee are also working and selfdriving car legislation but a bill hasn't been introduced ties tremor this is a great time to try and make these backstage prices are so low you're never lead i had the hottest looks good on his phantom they're women plus excessively bags dear toys home decor holler translate designers bath every week tholot made stating start every daylight this is scott conver a location near yell bracing for armagh i'm tim mcguire withinet p news bennett hurricane specialist john cangelosi and his colleagues at.

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