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Investigators now believe that a bowlful police officer was accidentally shot and killed by his own partner earlier this week. That today from the Snohomish County Multiple Agency Response team, which is looking into the death of Officer Jonathan Shoop. They believe ship was caught in the crossfire after a suspect in a traffic stop fired into the patrol car and shoots training officer returned fire. But Aaron Snell with the investigative team adds it believe that the actions of the suspect led to the ultimate shooting a death of authorship, having walked away from the vehicle coming back towards the officer's vehicle, being armed with a gun shooting into Vehicle. So today, 37 year old Henry Eugene Washington, was charged with three felonies, including aggravated first degree murder. This just in a Shell and waterpark says it will shut down Monday after being fined $10,000 for remaining open during the covert 19 pandemic. But the owner of Slide waters part Robert Border, Burr has been insisting our legal battle with the state is not over. A federal judge dismissed the water parks lawsuit against the state this week. But the company Is appealing cases of the Corona virus are surging at a dramatic rate in parts of our country, including Texas, Arizona and Florida. CBS's David Big Nose in Miami. I have to tell you from being here for the last two or three weeks. Has a lot of people walking around here that are not wearing masks and in talking business owners and political leaders. A lot of them are asking each other the same question. Are we gonna go through another shutdown? U. S Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says she's receiving chemotherapy as she battles her fifth bout of cancer. And rather than step down, which some privately hopes you would do. She presses on with the business of the court as active as ever. She announced that she would not retire while she's still able to perform her job. And that is still her statement that CBS News legal.

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