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Congratulations class of 2017 you've reached an important milestone important stage of your life is behind you in sorry to be the one to tell you it is the easiest stage of your life what it is in the books now while you cardigans you have all been a part of an important international community as well and i think that these to be particularly recognized conveyance elisi to avas but i do i do is cardigan the medical todos los otros is through the international nahles so presents the akobo part day deluxe immediate cardigan hulu god maas bronte cut again your roof some good open gay jin seem or in chicago he delay melt seen bonita now around the country today it colleges highschools middle schools commencement speakers are standing before impatient graduates and they are almost always saying the same things they will say that today is a commencement excercise it is a beginning not an end you should look forward and i think that is true enough however i think if you're going to look forward to figure out where you're going it's good to know where bin into look back as well i think if you look back to your first afternoon here at cardigan perhaps you recall that you were lonely perhaps you will recall that you're little scared a little anxious and now look at you you surrounded by friends that you call brothers and you're confident in facing the next step in your education it is worth trying to think why that is so and when you do i think you may appreciate that it was because of the support of your classmates in the classroom on the f leading field and in the doors and as far as the confidence goes i think you will appreciate that it is not because you succeeded at everything you did but because with the help of your friends you are not afraid to fail in if you did fail you got up and tried again and if you've failed again you got up and tried again energy failed again it might be time to think about doing something else quite odd that right there we'll come back it gets better and better chief justice roberts talking to the graduation of his son john from middle school in new hampshire it is making the rounds today and if you.

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