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Charlie acord from us album. Come on over with a man. Like me before that. Jim johnson and hacksaw jim duggan with usa. From wwf superstars wrestlemainia the album. Because one wasn't enough. I guess you're listening to rustling fibonacci ronnie during rest of poetic and via various podcasts distribution sources. You know where to find him if you want to go look for him and it takes book moon salt back to russel crowe newcomer mci black has begun to calling all elite wrestling's older roster members in a devious and slightly cultish plot after his vicious tech against wb hall of fame arnesen the indignation black systematically dismantled totally blanchard cohen. And jake state roberts no older members of the roster who've escaped blacks grasp in a cross country trip to promote a new tbs show awa star cody rose and he's white brandy arrived in gatlin new england only to find it abandoned while searching for gas. The couple encountered the dark orders. Negative one questioning to whereabouts of aws senior members. Cody and brandy chase after negative one into a nearby cornfield after reaching clearing dual and kanter black and all the members of the aid of you under the age of twenty five outlander. You're not welcome. Here bellowed malachi here who walked behind rose commands at age w throw away the pass and a youth movement. You cannot stop us. Old man said black whose same ages roads. I will defeat. You said to define executive vice-president a guy comes into aws feud with them for a few weeks. Beat them in a gimmick match and then move on it. Standard awa protocol do blue man said the same thing and now look at him said dairies top-flight oh god is hideous scream brandy pointing towards a bloated corpse. No no. that's just chris. Jericho fuzzy had a show last night and he just sleeping it off explained nj. That's the blue man code. Gasp at the sight of his brother duston beard blue face paint dripping down his face unconscious and tied to corn stocks. That tears. it said an enraged roads. You and malachi in a no-holds-barred winner-take-all cornfield match next week on dynamite. While specific details of cornfield match has not yet been revealed. Many believe it will result in multiple sequels. Each more disappointing in the last. What you mean like all the Hardy compound matches that started on impact wrestling a look back cels pinning rockstar. Spud.

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