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Ride year right now on the Ben greenfield fitness podcast. Hey, folks is Ben greenfield, and you've probably heard me talk on other podcasts about how I've done injections with this so-called anti-aging molecule called nicotinamide adenine die nuclear tied or in a d as a matter of fact that you know few years ago I interviewed this guy runs the n. d. injection clinic in San Diego. And since then have have been doing, I've es and injections and found it to be an incredible molecule one you'll actually learn more about on today's show, but these these IV's in these injections their fringe. They're spendy, they're uncomfortable Philly. Your whole body is on fire and you're gonna have a heart attack, and some people will say this on and that you can just get all the NASD that you need from supplementation in particular shelves mutation with this other thing called nicotinamide riboside nicotinamide Riva's side. That's a big word and our has what that's abbreviated as so I wanted to. Take deeper dive into and are, and whether it actually can increase any d. levels and why you'd wanna use it and what it mixes doesn't mix well with and what the actual research is on this stuff. So I actually am lucky enough to have the guy who discovered nicotinamide Riva's side. He discovered it as vitamin. He's also one of the world's leading experts on NA d. so that's handy. One combo for the questions that I have today. Anyways, his name is Dr Charles Brenner Dr Charles Brenner. He worked in biotech for.

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