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Some kale kale guys who only eat grilled chicken or they make chips out of kale chips out of kale. Yes i don't want to be friends with you. Or i feel like you're trying to target me and i love grilled chicken you live. No chicken grilled chicken out of ziplock that you carry around all day that's weird. I don't know what that's about had brought it into fancy now because you can just sit in your superficial jamie. You're so superficial and it's ridiculous. I would also say aaron. There are three types of men in hollywood the to figure out what you like. Okay there are the men who are attractive for normals nets domino. Okay michael ceremonial don't i'm donna. I'm telling you gotta earn that's domino. That's michael sarah. Let's tackle do cumberland. Those are the guys that are not attractive benedict. Cumberbatch looks good in that western movie. He's about to be an real good. He doesn't he's just he's onscreen he's a famous traverse in but he's not. There's the inaccessible hot Chris hemsworth each solve a michael jordan. Young brad pitt. And then there are the guys who they look. What's left over after generations of biohazard ness danny devito in st bosomy. Okay you don't want to be there you want to attract from normal. I appreciate that you put made it young brad pitt. Is that what you saw. Brad pitt in a bucket hat at the. Us open this weekend. Boca hats bucket hat. Brad pitt listen. I said this one time. One time in hollywood helix like a guy who hits on you when you walk out of the gestation I'm eleven okay. It is what it is. He's old he's lean into that. Drive out five. That got seizure or is he just walking app because he just came from his house. When they'll they'll sell the old police cars but you can still tell is like an old police car whatever. Yeah right okay. So i think we saw fair enough erin our next question high knox and jamie my name is beverley and i'm calling from dallas texas. My predicament is that i currently live alone. They went hundred year old haunted house. And i don't know what to do about the ghosts. They make themselves very well known. While i haven't seen anything i've heard many things including full conversations day and night i didn't grow up in a tradition. That believed goes through a real. So i don't know what to do and i can't just move because i'm currently unemployed and i live here for free help. I think this is just a great reminder that if something is free. There's good reason that it's free. And you need to watch. Mac says was always attack now first of all. Hgtv has a legit article that will link show. It's called five tips for living in a haunted house. That's hdtv it. Let's speed. i listen i. Here's my first thing. I think you have to do. Really you have to categorize your ghost. Okay okay is it. Casper is it. Beetlejuice hamlet's dad were best case. Scenario is a sam wheat portrayed by patrick swayze and he's got a pottery wheel. Oh asking case scenario right. Because look i think depending because you want a casper. That's great beetlejuice. Do you want to casper though is casper ghosts but casper you wanna underage ghost of a hot teenage boy walk around. I don't think everyone let's set a senior college girls. Books million. Don't let him touch you. Don't let them touch. You say away. You believe in ghosts. Are you qualified to give advice about this. What are you are. You believe in ghosts. Of course. I believe you don't believe in aliens. We believe in ghosts. Passing no aaron. Do you believe in ghosts. No i just out of their balloon. So beverly i. You need a real housewives. This you need to sage rains okay. Sage the house. Could you say you can get a whole foods. Then you need to put salt on your doorstep. I this will keep ghost and snails neither of which you want in your house and then white roses white roses because they take in the energy of the ghost. This everybody knows that. I know i'm just repeating juarez's roses and here's the thing you got to put out the white roses between your periods because the moon okay okay you period go get the white roses at trader joe's. That's really where you can get the cheapest and then put them out but as soon as you start cramping or getting an attitude or being hormonal. Anyway you got to take out those white roses. You gotta put them in. The garbage can lead them in the house. I saw listening there for second. 'cause i was looking something up and then i came back. We're talking about period. Like maybe i don't know how the roses absorbed the ghosts energy. Hello i'm gonna explain go science today. Sorry what just what. That's what they tell you. That's what ghosts experts. Say that you've got to put roses. So i was like. Yeah we white. Because i see i see go colorblind. Verna white keno. I feel like you're getting these recommendations from david duke and i don't know really the emphasis on whiteness. What's the vin diagram of believes in ghosts. Believe in aliens believes Adam and eve literally. Emily's michael jordan wasn't -serily suspended and chose to play minor. League baseball for your. Where do you fall on. All of those. I believe i don't believe in aliens. Okay do you believe in ghost. Is that honestly that it's jarring to me as jarring to my. There's no aliens of the bible but there are ghost in the bible. Stor like there's all kinds of spirits. Mediums everywhere both estimate new testament. They're everywhere What was the third one. Believe in adam unease literal adam and eve i do i still. I still cling to that okay. Yeah that's right. You trying to both of you try to break the of that dates and time in science and then michael jordan boots or the football play basketball player michael basketball jordan g think he was suspended for what. What did you say you. So it's the the dummies think he was just like. You know what. I am the one saying the dame dummies. This is obvious people noticed. The dummies are like. I just went through my. I just went three titles playing basketball. But i would like to do now is go to birmingham and play minor league baseball in ride on a bus with a bunch of sheds in chad's and like not do well and then i'll go back and play basketball but i think he was secretly suspended for gambling. Which had a well-documented history of doing so. Yeah i like that. I bet. I'm glad he came. Here is good time. Yeah no i i. don't listen you are. You're suggesting that. In your new house in tennessee. Which i did find on so again. I just want to say that for founded immediately. You think that house built in the sixties you don't think like why do you think ashley's phone is always almost dead. Ghost is that. Was that a question without just long. Dating long points funds are. They're cold spots. Are there noises. Those are are no cold squad. Ashley refuses to charge a air. It is always dead. No actually does goes kyle. Not their ghost. I would say beverly You you need to monetize. And i think look like in my life. Did i plan to pay my bills from ripping on the bachelor franchise. That's not what i dreamed of. But that's what i'm doing now because that's the lemon five gave me so you're lemons ghosts and i think you're sitting on a gold mine because i think don't call ghost hunters as she. Tv they're just gonna like make an underwhelming episode tv. I would say first podcasts. That's what we're looking at right now. You can reach out to cereal. See what they're interested in. And then thirdly i think like maybe maybe we zag here and we talk about how these ghosts are very domesticated show like. They're just like stuck in a loop and they need your help. They're not like they're not aggressive. Unique to sage them. You don't need to have your periods and white candles and stuff. I mean have you if you want to just like. Everybody should live their lives. Whatever i'm just saying like what ghosts aren't me like do you.

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