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Biden family's assuring the national broadcasting company MBC that that the bite that don't follow this of the bidens are sharing in BC that the bidens have done nothing wrong Helly Jackson's like okay here's a sample. I was connection to a different country making more questionable allegations described by the Biden campus conspiracy theories about China his son hunter joining the then vice president on the official visit to Beijing along with hundreds daughter fit again unknown to the press back then hunter Biden was forming a Chinese private equity fund planning to raise money including from Chinese investors years later hunter Biden acknowledged that during the trip he met with the Chinese banker which is spokesperson describes as a social visit not a business one according to hunter Biden spokesperson the company itself filed its paperwork a month before Air Force two took off for China as for that claim the company was worth one point five billion dollars not even close his spokesperson says Biden was initially an unpaid board adviser not a company owner his spokesperson says Biden's twenty twenty campaign calling the president's claims a dismantled conspiracy theory and by the visors tell me after having seen the trunk playbook at work in twenty sixteen they want to make sure they are aggressively fighting back against what they see as baseless claims against their candidate well Peter Schweitzer is written about that Clinton cash and some of these other things a lot of explaining needs to be done on that whether it's a it wasn't a billion and a half was it a billion tool what the whole point was isn't that on toward when your dad is vice president and you come on this and it was not known to the press for hidden at the time and then the Ukraine deal with the same hunter Biden was getting fifty thousand dollars a month with no experience in the oil and gas business and he's working for the U. crane owned energy company managed as vice president he gets fifty thousand dollars of that's right up there with the I don't know Chelsea Clinton get the and NBC gig. for what six grand to do with the nightly news once in awhile yeah she was she was getting what was it with a six MM bounce now hearing she do and she would do like twenty stories a year so that was a pretty that seems a number that's interesting because they're both almost the same fifty thousand but that's that that's is that the is that the cost of dealing. alright. this the I don't know whether this story is a good thing because it's actually spending time on the Biden allegations but IT spending the them like here's the Biden rebuttal the whole story the Biden rebuttal and and that's where you just look at them and say you're supposed to be actually. get the quick questioning not just forwarding the way they answer we'll see then that plays into what Hillary Clinton has done for years because accusations the Clinton playbook and it works pretty well where if there's an allegation sometimes even in the New York times or democracy dies and darkness of Washington post and then it'll be just sort of like there's a charge about X. Y. and Z. about Clinton revived whatever and then with the Clintons they'll never really get answered and then if they bring it up somebody bring the bring it up during a debate or you know some sort of a press availability media the request will say well that's all been dealt with the technique is if it was ever out there in the news cycle and it should be available then you go well that's been dealt with no it hasn't but when you she says that they're like okay how's everything are you a company here there's a bill for it I remember the one in ninety two that was always funny was that Jerry Brown was trying to bring up Mrs Clinton's better than the white water adventures and bill went into that hole now you better not my wallet is a wonderful person you couldn't possibly be as good as well you know kind. this is a bell whatever you say on how you dealt with your wife in them and not the line it was really funny that you're playing here and about the bidens is when they go all K. hunter Biden knows he went to China he met with the banker but it was just a social visit they just had a couple of beers. the annals of Hillary Clinton making a hundred grand in the was at the cattle future with what you read the Wall Street journal Markham name with that she was avidly following pork pork belly button yeah Wilson and she somehow had to at the time no experience in that and made a hundred thousand dollars quickly. yeah older in a few weeks yep these people are geniuses I just the. smarter just reporting on them thanks Tim Tim seven grams the executive editor that news buster former White House correspondent who never had a mouse fall on his lap like. thanks to him every day so that way more coming up including the pillar of virtue. Pamela Harris I played some of this in second hour yesterday but our own junior senator about why and she's a big believer in free speech except yours at we're well on trump's on Twitter more that coming up am seven sixty talking breaking news you're listening to.

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