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Sorry. At least that's not my understanding of it. Why are they hold onto your bond? Lot to get to France. Thank you for being here. We've we've got a ton of stuff. Breaking news to discuss any McCarthy is a bestselling author. He's of course, the contributing editor at the national reviews, a fellow at the NFL review institute, Fox News contributor. But most importantly, former chief assistant US attorney and longtime prosecutor in Andy. Were you shocked surprised it seems like the the police Commissioner, and the mayor of the city of Chicago were rather caught off guard by this? When when it was announced that the actor Jesse smallest charges had been dropped. What what what was your? What was your reaction when you saw it? Well, at first, Kevin, I, you know, not thinking that this was Chicago. What are the normal? I'm gonna date myself now by the time the story was over. I don't know if your listeners are probably too young to remember the old Frank Sinatra crew movie, Robin and the seven hoods. Gets out from under the charges, and he said Frank Sinatra's out in front saying my kind of town in front of the courthouse. You know waiting for that today. But before I really thought about it being Chicago, I thought well, what's the reason why cases usually crater? And usually it's because a witness that you need go south, and I imagine that that may have happened here. But now, the more we learn the more. It sounds like they are not saying that they couldn't have proven the case. They're they're trying to inch up to saying that. Activity. Here didn't warrant the sixteen child indictment, and that there were other better ways of dealing with it rather than having this guy prosecuted which. I must say. You wonder why people think that there's two tiers of Justice in this country? People who are very connected in one people warrants. Yeah. Well, let me let me just in response to that. Let me have you listened to the exact statement that Rahm Emanuel ended his press conference with and get your reaction. This is the sitting mayor who one hundred percent earlier in the news conference back to see his police Commissioner and also backed the detectives that had worked the case very diligently, by the way, having to chase basically boogeyman to figure out who had done this. But this is what mayor Rahm Emanuel who I don't agree with on much of anything politically. But this is what he said is he was wrapping up his speech..

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