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About the Corona virus, go to dot org's Tonight on Newsroom schools announced plans to reopen with most going Digital Congress member Ro Khanna joins us for a discussion on what schools need to make education work for all students this fall, plus Bay Area foodie superstar Alice Waters joins us To discuss racial justice in the restaurant industry and how the corona viruses shaping her restaurant and gardens. And could the Corona virus actually be making the dating experience? Better? Thie experts from the podcast datable tell us about dating in the Bay Area during the pandemic. Welcome to the newsroom. I'm Priya David Clemens. It's hard to believe, but we're just a few weeks away from schools reopening for the fall semester today, Governor Gavin Newsom announced all Children in third grade and up must wear a mask to school. It's the first order of its kind in the nation. Also, schools are only permitted to physically reopen if their county has been off the watch list for at least two weeks. This week, the two largest school district in the state, Los Angeles and San Diego, announced they would only provide online education when they reopened in the Bay Area. School districts are mixed. Several, including Oakland and San Francisco will open for distance learning. Only others are planning for some in person education. And if you have not yet decided Our first guest today. Congress member Ro Khanna from Santa Clara wrote an opinion article in time dot com this week calling.

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