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Cities and all star games the thing that separates our game is is how much probably the locals do take you really do feel that kind of that hometown you know just that that that small town feel that hometown they roll out the red carpet like you said just different than some of the other games so yeah absolutely we take a lot of pride down here and put on to send you full for the night owls i think we gotta ask this out of that thirty million how much money is polling in when when we're not in town because i feel like when we're there everybody that works within the nfl of the nfl media's v8's and we always wonder is anyone else here the rest of the year yeah there's a little binge drink in the goes on that's been the greatest honestly the greatest thing about living living down here in the last eleven years is that i have an easy out of beets i don't have to go i don't have to get caught up down there i i have a family to go home too so no it's funny once i got the job i mean obviously people reach out congratulate you and the the two biggest requests were front row seats at the way in and some sort of vip section of beat them to go or work we're working on that for those guys it used to be so much bigger now it's just that hallway you know we need we need both sides opened back up we talk a lot about mobile and have a curse a lot of our listeners who want to get into the media side or the pro side of scouting to make the drive down there you know i i know several guys who got their their break in this industry whether it's on our side of your side just from the go down there because it's a big job fair so as an insider who where's that one like goto restaurant that none of us know about like everybody knows about one those what's your hidden jim for mobile restaurants well you know the causeway on mobile bay that crosses baldwin county and mobile counties down here there's a lot of great seafood and all those places the blue gill the house and.

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