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Traffic. Gotcha. I chose that song for that film because there's the lining and the song says she holds the hand that holds her down, which is just indicative of the whole topic of that film. Right. So that was I was able to just put that in my pocket and then I had the rising and then I started writing more and writing more and covering a couple more things that were just, you know, always wanted to cover this. I always wanted to come to that. On the final, there's a couple extra ones. I do any major dude by steely Dan, which I always cover. That's cool. Which is it's almost sacrilegious to ever cover Beatles song, but it's so hard, right? Yeah. It's a wing song. So I figured I'd allow myself to recover it. Well, you know, it's interesting because just going back to the cranberries when I was kind of reading through the songs that you did, everyone forgets about dreams because it's all about zombie and all this other thing. First of all, zombie is a billion hits on YouTube, a billion views, a billion. I was like, oh my gosh. A billion. Billion with a B, yeah. Yeah, with a B, I mean, she's the least. Her is a singer Dolores severed and has such a distinct voice and kind of how she trills up and down. And obviously, you're gonna do it your way. But just a great great tune that probably should be covered at this point. Yeah, I don't remember anyone really covering it. Because it's kind of in a range where a lot of guys wouldn't do it. Plus it's a duet. It is kind of a feminine topic, you know, too. It was like, you know, don't break my heart. I mean, but don't hurt me now. Yeah, so that was just sort of dropped out of the sky because that would be the perfect way to get live and volume on my album. Fits perfectly. There's a great story that I actually read about a few months ago, one of one of the tunes that you have on there's contribute to EV H to Eddie Van Halen. And it's called for Edward. Can you please tell the story? 'cause it's just blows my mind as it blew yours when you heard what you heard from Eddie. Yeah, we were in the 80s, you know, in the roaring 80s we were on the road and the road with Van Halen a few times. And staying in the same hotels and stuff. And one time, backstage, she said, I really like the way you play the acoustic and I was like, wow, coming from you guys. You know, you should put more acoustic. Why don't you play more? And he says, well, I didn't bring one out. I don't really have one. That's impossible. You have to have one. And I have one for you, and I'm giving it to you right now. So then you fast forward to O dark 30 to 40. My phone rings in my room. Is.

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