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Had a good time. Man man want to move to New York. And then at the same time, you maybe not wanna tell you was that was that your town. That's where I'm from. Yeah. Did you ever you ever? Go to Bethpage. You know that I've never really been to Bethpage love anything from it. See I I mean, I've been close to it. But I I don't I'm not really familiar with bell K. Okay. All right. Well, I guess my whole area though, like, I did not know tristate area. How did you end up down here when we knew each other because I graduated high school in north Florida. And I remember I used to date a girl that used to that used to come to the comedy club with me, and she moved here. Crazy. She's still crazy. Crazy way. I believe it. Oh, man. I tell you what she was cool though. What was actually? You know, what I tell you what she wasn't bad. But it took me saying I'm done with you for her star turn and good. Because like, it was just awesome. And I left and once I moved out that's what she really kinda got involved in comedy. And then that's when she started. That's when I started getting booked places down here. Because for a while. I was just open mic and for a little while. And then they had remember they had America's funniest people in in Tampa Bay center. America's. Troll at Tampa Bay center and blew it up by blue the whole place up. And then that's when it's that's when that's when I realized that's my started. I was like, okay. I got a little bit of funny with me. I'm glad you're still doing the comedy, man. Like, I said I have been gotten out of it for a little while because like, you know, just working and. A father's my son. You're making music to adopt. Music, and I'm trying to do I'm trying to brought. But, you know, something about every time. I put it off manages something. Like, what are you doing man standing up Ted to get back to you know, like I said, I'm doing other things now. But, you know, still I still get to the point where I'm like I need to I need to go on stage and talk to people about my problems. What kind of problems you got some? Yeah..

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