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It originally for like seventy dollars on Amazon, but they don't have this keyboard keyboard? Yeah. And they, but they introduced another one called the K three eighty multi device bluetooth. Keyboard k three eighty and send you a link to that guy also thirty multi device with. Okay. Oh. And it has the round what all all call most chick lit looking round. I don't love room. No, I don't either. And I read reviews of it. And so I go back and forth on the wire cutter. I either think their recommendations are all right or the worst thing ever. And I have completely fork in that I would like to actually talk about that. I don't wanna put a fork in that high. I wanna talk about that. All right. I've had a note. I gotta lot issues with our cutter. Okay. We'll I think I think in the last year or two something has changed everything have while they got bought, but who we'll go we'll go back to that. But anyway, so this they actually recommend the little bluetooth wireless keyboard with the chick lit round keys. They they recommend that it's forty bucks. But I really miss being able to specially now I'm using the ipad more, I really miss the ability to just switch back and forth with one keyboard between two of them. So it was going to ask you do. You think it's worth it for me to pay one hundred bucks buy this. Keyboard from Logitech directly who seems to be the only place that still has it for less than like a hundred eighty. Bucks. Twice as much as what they sell for. Do you think it's a wise investment? Or is there another keyboard that does this that you would suggest to me based on your extensive keyboard experience, or should I just try this K three eighty with the round chocolate.

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