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The trump administration his Pentagon money to pay for some one hundred miles of replacement areas along the border with Mexico Jack Quinn as detailed as a print court announced the White House can go forward with plans to use military funds for the wall and it will lift a freeze on two point five billion dollars that was put in place by a lower court in may this ruling means the trump administration can tap the funds and begin work on for contracts that it's already awarded for of the court's liberal justices were against the start of construction set to begin to replace existing sections of Berrier in Arizona California and New Mexico with more robust fencing Jackie Quinn Washington the administration is also signed an agreement with water Amala that would require migrants including Salvadorans and Honduran to cross into Guatemala on their way to the U. S. to apply for protections there instead of at the US border with Mexico from telling reporters in the oval office is a landmark agreement will put the coyotes in the smugglers at a business is a bad people is a very very bad sick deranged people who make a lot of money off other people's misery is going to provide safety for legitimate asylum seekers and stop asylum fraud and abuse is Amnesty International condemned the agreement call is saying any attempts to force families and individuals playing their home countries to seek safety in Guatemala are outrageous anti trust regulators with the justice department in five state attorneys general have signed off on T. mobile twenty six point five billion dollar takeover of sprint the deal includes setting up dish network as a rival to Verizon eighteen tea and the combined company critics are worried about the merger which sets a trio of large companies controlling the cellular market this is a P. radio news police in Canada intensify their search in Manitoba for two suspects in the slayings of an American woman her Australian boyfriend and another man RCMP corporal Julie at farmers.

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