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Clippers squeaked past bucks. One twenty eight one twenty six in overtime. Thanks to Lou Williams who hit the game winning jumper with three tenths of a second left on John Fass Bill writer, tune into right in the new on Monday at six eastern three Pacific. We'll discuss the biggest winners and losers from the NFL this weekend. Sports talk all day and breaking news of happens. This is sports radio sixty. CBS sports radio presents eye on fantasy football gets the call. He's down. Season. Shotgun snap. The middle. Fifty one yard kicks win Mattis three seconds to go in the game. Texas. Twenty. Josh. Fifty five yards. He's drops back. Throws. Mike textile. Picked up like desperate take right sideline. Twenty. Russell. Russell wilson. Jay with the big six for forty one yards. Here are your host, Dave Richard and heath Cummings. We are back. Our number two. I ought fantasy football on CBS sports radio. We are coming to you live from the Quicken.

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