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97.1 wash at them. I'm Toby Nap along with Chili Amar. And at this time every weekday morning, our producer Kayla joins us, and she gets us into the right morning mindset by sharing a quote, and we're really looking forward to hearing the first one of the year. Yeah, these quote is by Ark. Haiti's and I know you're like, Whoa, wait a second. Haiti's As a morning minds. I quote. It's a poet. She's a woman, not the king of the underworld. So we're still going to be in that very positive mindset. And she's saying this morning time taken to be kind is never wasted. And I kind of really think I think this is like beeps perfect, simple quote to kick off 2021 because, like 2020 Pushed a lot of people to not be too kind of one Another. And I think this fresh start of a new year. Being kind should be a priority because it could only really create a domino effect of positive energy, which I think we all need right now. So I'll read the quote one more time from a girl poet, not the king of the underworld Hold our Katie says Find taken to be kind is never wasted. And you could find that quote or you can share your own using hashtag Morning mindset, so that I might really on the air Toby until the page at wash at them dot com. What a way to kick off 2021 quoting the Lord of the underworld. Just kidding. I'm just kidding. Which will be a chilly in the morning. Thank you, Taylor for that coming up in a few minutes, Toby until he stops story. No, no, it was not a dream. A local team is headed to the playoffs for the first time since 2015. We'll get to that in just a few. Wait a minute. You mean I can't pinch myself right now. Go ahead. Try. Wow. I know I'm awake. I mean it right now. Look at traffic..

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