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Beltway in a Virginia seeing a delay on the inner loop approaching and passing route 50 near 29 in marathon, We may have a crash there had been working here 66 along the right side. Maybe a slow down for that work zone is what caused this wreck. Keep an eye out for any lanes to be blocked and for response, showing up to the scene, also on the Beltway, But in Maryland, the outer loop delays from 202 headed toward 4 50. This is work along the right side on the right shoulder, but taking the right lane as well. Northumberland More Washington Parkway. The volume delay headed past powder Mill Road thier earlier problem on eastbound 15 year. 4 50 parole, The Broken Down dump truck cleared out of the way the tow truck took it away. All lanes open. No longer a delay coming from I 97 headed past the scene. You'll also find on the Harry Nice Mac Middleton Bridge traffic alternates across the bridge for the work zone. Now in the district, North Bound D. C. To 95 Year Benning Road, The work is set up. The right lane delays coming from the 11th Street Bridge. South bound delays from Burroughs tortillas Capitol Street, so watch for anything that may have happened. They're not sure if there's work setup pass spending or whether there's actually a crash where we did have the crash was on the eastbound freeway that rape to the third Street Tunnel on the left side in Southeast Good Hope Road of Martin Luther King Jr Avenue had been the scene of a wreck in Virginia North on 3 95. The delays headed toward King Street. The work near seminary was in the left lane, South bound 95 slows crossing the Aga Khan, then the volume before 6 10 Garris. Seville Road, often on three Stafford and again approaching the Rappahannock River Bridge. North bound 95 delays from Dale City toward the Prince William Parkway before the Prince William Parkway. The activity on the shoulder drawing attention and then the volume through Newington Traffic brought to you by the Virginia Department of Health Ready for your Free Covert 19 vaccine visit, vaccinate dot Virginia dot Go or call 877 vex in Via I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. And we turn to storm team forced Chuck Bell. Plenty of sunshine Today. Not terribly human. Pollen counts are still in the high range for both weeds and.

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