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Listen, I know that his perverted are wealthy boss has essentially given this guy complete autonomy to do whatever the hell he wants in running the Pats. I mean, Bob Kraft is a dude who dresses it up. Damn, Bill. I'm paying you like 10 million bucks a year, right? Maybe you rep us with a shirt that has not been destroyed by moths. I'm not even saying he's got to go with that thing. The craft does where he mismatches his call over this dress shirt. I've got one of those my closet that always look at it, and I never want to wear it. Just don't get it. And then every once in a while, I'll break it out here to see if any of you say anything. I've got one of those. That's all craft has, but even that's better than that moth ridden shirt. Moth eaten shirt that Belichick was wearing. Hey, Hood. Your motto is do your job, not don't have a job. Cliff Kingsbury would not dust his living room with that rag you're wearing Bill. Yes, I know. I know those of you who want to Phantom or saying he's just sending a message. He's sending a message to his players and the messages. Game week go time. But why don't you save that? What player is going to see that horrible look and say Hell, yes. Locket in Go time look at coach. Like I hate to drag Adam gaze again. Don't make this all about him. And there is another take about him later on, But you know, Adam's eyes were bugging right out of his head when he saw that look from Bella Jack. And let me get in front out. Let me get in front of this right now. I know what you're thinking before you think it That's how well I know you clones. Yes, he looks like he slept in his car. No, he is not without a home. He has made a lot of money over the years. I'm sure that he's not using day old muffins as buzzers to play family feud. So that means I do not want to hear any of the following from you. Clones warbling Check using two crews Sants as earmuffs. War. Belichick using shrimp is a Bluetooth I know that sweatshirt is hideous, but there's no way to Belichick is spending time during Game week hollowing out blocks of Swiss cheese in orderto wear crocs. He's definitely not rolling with a fortune cookie for his money clip. He's not using a pizza box as a briefcase. He's not using a slice of pizza as a necktie. Nor is he using a tick tack box as an iPhone for or etch a sketch is an iPad. If he wants to review plays, he'll do it on a tablet morons. It's a terrible look. He should do something about it, but he won't And it's probably only going to get worse. So we've got that going for us, which is pretty nice. I mean, that would have been less egregious if it is came in topless. Better to have no shirt on, then wear that shirt. Like if the Jets were a T shirt bill is wearing it. What differences of night? To you. None. Bucket. Maybe in tweets. There's Alvin. The Laurel have more vacation days than kids. Yes. Yes, And that's saying something, isn't it? Because he's got a hell of a lot of kids, man. My man's got a litter. Jerome. Did John, you say? The public's doughnuts are better than crispy cream. Does he also like past qualities pizza better than Pizza Hut. Makes no sense. Jeremiah Greenville trained praise the automobiles. They have my doughnuts, Mike and off K tweets. The weight room is free, Signed Jim Bro who never really wracks his weights. Your gym. I'm Doc. On holiday. Signed the three and one bum Doc Rivers. Rettenbach. Aha! Even though I cracked them hard the other day there still skating the Clippers are getting away with murder. They really are. 1 806 368686. All right, so I know this guy. And I know his topic and I know where he's going with this topic. Because I know the story. And yet I still want to hear all of this. Let's go to South East Whisk. Oh, Chris in southeast Wisconsin. What's going on? Chris? A. Jim. How you doing today, buddy? Good, dude. How about you? I'm doing fantastic. Say I just wanted to. Ah, That's on a topic real quick today for you in the clones. I'm so glad to hear you give Tyler hero a k A. The boy wonder some chick on your show. In spite of that geriatric hillbilly in the Houston area. Referencing Southeastern whisker was a bunch of losers. Which our address in more detail at a later date. I'm glad that the nation in the world now was introduced Tyler hero on the NBA's biggest stage. Jim here comes from a small division to high school in South Eastern Whisk. Oh, He has played against the best players in the nation..

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