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He's a scout up as or prior to prior to the naked woman they used to have these issues in the air and and she took me there you know and i saw this guy plain through the window you know what i mean and and and he was just he was like watching a movie dino you know he you know he he had learned from guys like louis belsen harmon g krugman these guys how to put on a show as well as play the drums and play him well and i don't think anybody was doing that at the time now but it was really great seeing that an and so i asked her immediately do you know a could top player of course you is certainly right about that red yeah shankar narayan not danger hub two bought after years of peak entsch finally i realised side gotten some notoriety in show business when the bouncier saw me walking down the street and said hey come in for free you made it yes yes i'm sorry to say though i know you the pussycat lounge had been here for like three hundred times delays turned to coming up yeah a metropole so you put the band together the bor gotti brothers you met you you'd emu met gene it just came together piece by piece right while at eddie uh and and gene were were working in in in a club with a joey a home owned a call to starlight remote date david was not really with us he he came on to sing with us some of the wreck right the fell to the fifth rascal i heard a corrode let him in marietta exactly halved exactly but you know a the four of us was gene my solve dino and a eddie.

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