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And now, we know that's when her ducks got clogged j just. Some right. Just. Right up. I gotta be on. His Jay Cutler. He can't be happy with this. No way. Jay Cutler is happy with what's happening today. Because Jay color seems like type of guy who he's in the show not somebody who's you know, in the media. He doesn't like much attention as but now we got Krista gavel Aries saying that Jay Cutler, literally sucked her tits so hard that they unclog the milk ducks. Gotta be honest. Great accomplishment by him. I wanna shake your hand and say great job for unclog in those things. But my God. Can you imagine? Like, how mortified your husband boyfriend, whatever it is. Yeah. Would be saying that I mean, I guess it depends on the guy but holy shit. I guess. He sh-. I give props because she always like, I said, she's always been real. Yeah. She doesn't hold back. And I'm sure there are other women out there that have had clogged milk ducks. Yep. And I don't know if their husbands have come to their rescue or not. But maybe that's just the kind of guy that Jay is listen, Jay's a stand up guy if his girls boobs. Yup. Milk ducks are getting clogged. He's gonna unclog them. Whatever it takes gonna son suck until their own clock. And that shit not. I can't say firsthand, but just from obviously family relatives and whatnot who have been pregnant and have had children when it's when it's clogged your boobs just. They just hurt. So bad. Back as getting like when you got your period. And you're like that swollen booed yet. Feeling hurts take it to a whole 'nother. That's what I'm thinking of like. Yeah. When my boobs really hurt my period. And then I'm thinking about how bad they probably hurt when your milk, ducks are clouds, and you got cake valor, sucking them so hard that they unclog. That's what I'm thinking about. Now. I mean, can you like I love Chris gavel for this reason because she is so honest, she says things that you're like what the fuck. Yup. And her family is probably like, oh my God. We just heard about how she unclogged her milk ducks. Yeah. So you know, it good for at least, they're unclog. That's the moral of the story that they're on clocked. Yeah. And it it does just kinda take a turn for for Jay because. Twitter. Does what Twitter does right? And because of just the way she worded it like he sucked harder than he's ever sucked. Seen bears fans or just pulling out some stats of. We're just trying to really just dive the knife into Jay here. They're like, oh, really? Remember this game? You probably sucked more than that. Yeah. It's tough..

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