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It last year alejo in disney springs and tear lena in disney springs. So it's just a good event your raising money for charity at just one thing to keep in. Mind if you're going because it is that prefix menu and it's going towards charity charity. You do not get any discounts on that so no. Dvd no annual pass no cast member discounts on that thirty seven dollars. Yeah and if you want the whole list if you visit orlando dot com you can see the whole list there you know. They have it for everything. I think we made fun of my sister because she went to the melting pot to do this so there really is like a wide variety of foods and it was even really cool. You can if you know like where you're going to stay if you're staying on property or whatever they're different areas that you can just look at specific places You know if you don't wanna have to drive a liar. If you're getting an uber something do you remember. Who's their charity partners are. is it. give kids the world or i think they. I don't know well that brings up another point and give kids. the world. village is doing their night of a million lights up. That's the official name right event again this year which we had the fortune going last year. And we're super excited that it's coming back so give kids world village if you're not familiar. It's a campus that they'd have down in kissimmee and it's where they take a critically ill children and their families with them up in housing and then they transport them back and forth to go to disneyworld and universal and seaworld Basically wherever these families want to go to just help them out give them a break from hospital bills and the stress of everyday life and to put them out so they are wonderful organization and for every christmas. And i'm telling you now because tickets are going to sell out so if you want. If you're going to be coming you probably need to buy your tickets now..

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