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Had scheduled for today. But evidently that wasn't. It's a little challenging scheduling during the legislative session. Because of course, he's got to beat a number of hearing. So it's always a little bit of a moving target. So we will reschedule that best. We can also get a conversation. This we've with Mike summers. Who's the president of American Petroleum Institute? One time Sheva Stafford John Boehner the speaker of the house and now head of the American Petroleum a student. Of course, it's a powerful organization representing oil gas interesting, North Dakota. So I look forward to that conversation will be coming up on the program. This week. I don't remember what day tomorrow worth the campus of the North Dakota safety council looking forward to that are broadcast from there should be great fun as well. And lots more fun to come this week. Okay. Let's see here. We have. Couple of things to do one tied. What's the I'm looking for? But don't find it. I'm guessing you have it in front of you the advisory related to black ice. I'm looking at I twenty nine right now, and we've got a semi on the debt. We got slow traffic. And I don't know. But I soon black is corporate. What do you? What do you got? Patrol warn the public to be aware that very just black ice me being countered and roadways, especially night traffic areas. Much the black ice is created by the moisture tracked onto roadways.

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