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And so i read this i was like some party and where meat so so my agent give me the job and then my agent was like they said that they don't they only want to see people would names and i was like you tell them and i had a name since 1979 maye i guess they totals up because they let me come in an audition and then when i thought there was the great from cnn with i got this job these so great things like just a bundle of fun i know you really want to go back and lots of movie a get actually i know what's so funny okay and then she was also ask she's been hanging out with a lot of kind of famous people yes since she's gotten a little bit more fame i guess recently so he's our with barbra streisand recently and then she did also recently meet um taylor swift and she talked about that if you were invited to tell us live sows for dinner what's one thing that people would be surprised to know about her be surprised about terrorist wailua she has those polaroid them all school 1980 pulled away cameras on over and she takes lots of pictures and makes these really beautiful clashes excuse to teach you become friends the week of your snl we let itself funny when she came in she came immediately into my room and was like i'm not comedy i've been watching you i know all the stuff is she start quoting joke slow that's ten years ago and i was like oh a fia billy taylor was the musical guys with at all right if any that's ray what do you what do you think about the what she revealed about taylor and not surprised at all i need there i myself i feel like she brought polaroid's back to some extent because of her 1989 alba which is a polaroid on the front yeah i'm not surprised i think anything she likes things like the type of girl who likes crafting new yeah i liked that she went in there to her dressing room now because that sounds like the taylor that we that we know one law race yeah that is very friendly app and all an.

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