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Seventy three Calvin Parker was nineteen years old he and his friend Charles Hicks and spend an evening fishing on the Mississippi in the early evening both of them were startled when a strange craft descended and hovered a few feet above the ground I before they had a chance to run an opening appeared in the craft and help loaded three humanoid creatures both of the men were terrified when these creatures grab them talk come on board the craft and minutes later both Calvin Parker and Charles were deposited back on the river bank and then this craft took off it's an amazing story Calvin looking back now though after reading this new book and seeing some of the information that's come out of from the only other witnesses but from your own hypnotic regressions do you think that maybe you were meant to be out there that both you and Charles were had some kind of suggestion planted a because as were going to learn you both had other encounters. yeah. it's same the merry black this is kind of bollard may since the sixties. as a child in that Ronald up through the sand beach and ninety three yeah fine it was the last time I don't know the rare Manian of our greatest emissions one thing I'm doing is hot managers but yeah I think it's more **** not ****. I I remember reading I don't remember where it is in the book but I remember reading about you getting a sort of a premonition you're sitting there on the bank your fishing and you get kind of scared you feel like something's about bad is about to happen do you have a you have a conscious memories of that or is that only and they have noses. now I do have conscious memories of it pretty much everything in the hypnosis passion this last time all you know I remember real plain and the rate of four the hypnosis projector sharp an average you details just say your Bach could pull the details together when bud Hopkins did to park here I was just. it was kind of a of a band were matching shame the three and not paying ninety three was mixed up. and when I got into it it was kind of shocking because some of it I date remember instead make very. but then it power now we're in a ninety three but now it's all came real clear Nash why can't bring came down we had a three hour station. and now. it was growing but there's a lot of details that came out in that session. is just five weeks ago right right I weeks Robert. yes Rachel a calf range are cheaper to the house are we here. we got in the house here and have a yellow. a long session not I bet thank you would bay that loan but she was just cleared the images that she is a very professional lady and I I enjoyed spending my time with her now. all. what you don't want chart and I know our ways and I'm not allowed to let her come in and do it what was that UFO Congress and our hands on them I had a little bow syrupy she had both next hate me. and we got to base unit talking but I also knew her from Betty he'll you know I would spend our report Daschle her. hair and baby are with their. and she she had asked me how do you feel about belly in a on Betty and Barney I said I believe my hundred percent because back in the sixties. it was almost a corporal share for a white woman to be married to a black man about to burst. and if you put your cell phone alarm black yeah specially that here in the south you don't want that special attention on you and now we're raising that would all. that you would picture sampled alarm clock and it was really something that happened to you or you blame Dany. and then after going up by where spent three days with baby at her house and after going out there spending that time where were those no doubt my minor that Betty and Barney went very some dramatic experience the sale. well I mean you know a bit about that because it was pretty tough as as you have described before when this story came out I mean it was the it the attention was not something you wanted. and as you describe in this most recent book because of the positive reinforcement that's come out over the last year so you're now able to talk about this with your own wife which you were reluctant to do for a long time right. yeah we never talked about dish to this book came out. but now it shame market opened another chapter in our relationship all we actually get along better because I was able to give up so sacred to her that I had never been able to Hey are you know you're not ways get that low when you was. when she would bring it up and ask a little sob about it number which I did not. but all now she goes today's topic just wear me out you know paper plane ticket. we got vase competition she gets to get out make papal matter of fact she's been a good deal of time with how could a power hungry when we was there it opened up a big a lot of avenues where was you got to measure when we was walking back across the road yeah I was getting ready to late yup so we it opened up a a great relationship in my marriage it gave me the freedom of being able to tell her a hundred percent the truth where I have been how bad can just not calendar napkin and back does away with a lot of trust with the warmer. you know Paul sometimes the most powerful evidence in these kinds of cases is not a piece of physical this or that it's it's not corroborating witnesses it's the it's the human side of it it's the the credibility of the person that you can't really quantify it you can't put it into a box or put it on a piece of paper but as you get to know Calvin and his wife and and. recognize how unless they are in everything else they do I mean it's a powerful form of proof that is often overlooked. yeah that that's right George and as it goes is the same way on the sort of the macro scale too you know we have the. the recent incidents with the USS Nimitz and I know that you interviewed Kevin Danko I know who is the radar operator I'm I'm USS Nimitz and one think that's great respect me isn't it you know Kevin is a very honest guy as well and then you have the navy saying Hey we basically see your calls all the time we need help reporting that apart from the physical evidence like the video why would the navy say that if there's nothing happening and this is same thing with Calvin and Charlie you know you meet you meet them is spend time with them each year like you said earlier in the program there's he just loses sincerity you know he's a good Ole redneck from Mississippi who had some kind of dramatic and and apparently several encounters and he's just trying to wrestle with them and I don't know that he hadn't hold one that about the stuff until just just recently and that's when the most compelling things is is how people behave could you can't always have evidence but you can you can analyze how people respond and how they behave and you can find some really convincing patter and you know he was talking about Kathleen that's Kathleen Martin who is the director of experience research from you font and she is one must expert people in the field and she had a very convincing time with cal. helping you you describe these creatures these three that you encountered on the craft and then I will I'm gonna ask you the next question about some other being at that you encountered there as well and and maybe in other places but but these three things that that you were dealing with are not your standard typical of what we think of as aliens now. now and that was really surprised and amazed because after the book I got to researching. looking at pictures and and I've never saying definite look just locked they use you know shop say Sam with big guys and with a lot of grasshoppers and all that but nothing that ever what locked warned it got Charlie amount but I think that was more robotic in many thanks bye we had tendered right rain porch Gairloch L. but our our manager yeah thank lockup describable for they didn't have a name their head your sat on the shoulders down Charlie same antennas coming out there well Hey ads there are several land Janet I'm ever saying damn it was kind of blurred out but Powell's all well I don't know wow one thanks a lot for SO brat when my first job. but probably five foot power five or six but how long arms in their fight hair to our state head maidens our cramped black hands up went way out of this problem. banned from missile and our legs they didn't have a split their legs but you could tell it was our legs they just came in together but you know come to thank a bad hair if you don't wall you don't need to have separate lay eggs they just kinda glided across several where they where. and everybody thanks well that's strange here we got vodlocker act that's hard to blade but you know. I have seven days pride boards at the place use my order I got way o'donnell but it looks like a camera mobile crossed everything. if I were ugly face thankless argali robotic. there's another being that you encountered at that came out during these hypnotic regression sessions and you cholera her and it was I had to laugh at that some of the dialogue it's not funny at all because you are terrified at the moment but you're also angry and I I can't remember if you actually grab your or you wanted to grab her but you wanted to grab her by the throat strangler could you describe her as evil. well now why dared grabber and I bang your head against the wall so hard she started bleeding from the ears and her eyes in that mass when she summons that'll big ugly when and that's why I thought he was probably robotic would come always. yes he would be there only now if he was at a protector. but she cannot zombies Tammany come out were hold me October. and yeah I've had enough I decided that what I was going to do is grab her around may and jump actor dour and bow take her with me I don't care about that or not but I knew she was gonna be a my hands when I day at. no big everyone kind of changed my mind about this..

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