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Simplified welcome aboard and good afternoon my name is Anthony valid as we've got lots of music to get to new music old music all that good stuff also monitoring the situations happening in LA peaceful demonstrations I've begun across LA in downtown LA near city hall in grand park and we're expecting more demonstrations about thirty this afternoon and around the region some streets have been closed in west Hollywood and Hollywood specifically in LA a Hollywood and vine around Cape Town pan Pacific park century city west Hollywood west LA at the federal building off Wilshire in the South Bay in Torrance trump national golf course in Rancho Palos Verdes and metro if you're trying to get around on the metro today especially in Long Beach Hollywood and downtown officials are saying your buses might be delayed due to a planned protest and I'll be keeping you not only company but keeping you updated right here in case you're W. someone to kick things off with one of my favorites from Gil Scott heron recorded in nineteen seventy four alongside Brian Jackson this one titled a song for Bobby Smith once again my name's Anthony Valdez stay close news music and good stuff good vibes healing sounds empathy compassion coming away it's K. C. R. W. you know your your name Bobby Smith four years old when his next birthday you have to be with Brian and this it's about a new life and responding to what was what was we all this on but it's pretty bad that's my song I was very appropriate Simon and I this is a song from on this and and and Jan she this so the chance and change you and then and then we K. and the you can choose to sure got you you change use and and the with the the it this fifty some of us switch thanks this this is just this is this since this not that this the she facing you're saying stop sending trash to see the sounds of steady forty fives based out of Los Angeles on KCRW this when their cover of sleep walk before that any R. D. Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams life as a face to the name of that cut off their twenty ten release nothing a new sounds out of Toronto from chaos teaming up with Kaytranada brand new record titled bushido from shows in America again crucial courtesy of chaos so great to hear him and hear his words so timely Nick Hakim also want to set off his latest record will this make me good hi dear is the name of that one and started things off with one of my favorites from nineteen seventy four winter in America because the name of the full length projects with girls got Erin teaming up with Brian Jackson a song for Bobby Smith Casey to be sponsors include the Latin alternative music conference going fully online and open to all kicks off June ninth through the thirteenth celebrating twenty one years of Latin entertainment with.

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