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Thanks for taking us all glad to have you Yeah, I was listening to your Your commentary about Tim Tebow and yes, and I've been listeningto. Several of the radio. Hello, Tim Tebow about it way like, uh, And you know However, I've coached for over 20 years in the high school level, and then you know, I thought of it is what if it bringing him as in as a player, coach, I mean Woman's got all of his coaches, but He bows chance to get in the coaching. Coaching ranks and but He doesn't have a position for him. So why not being a player coach? Hmm. That's not a horrible idea. It would. It just has to go down to Tim. Tim Tebow might like playing the playing the game. It takes a totally and you know this. You've been a coach for 20 years. It takes a totally different level of dedication to be a coach, because if you're not playing it, and then you have to, you have to be able to try to teach others. There has to be a passion for teaching in there as well. And maybe Tim Tebow might have that. But You know what comes the game planning and things like that. He may find out very quickly. He doesn't because in the NFL, there's no there's no clock like you have in high school football and in college football where you can't be with him. It could be an everyday grind and Urban's known for being a grinder for the first couple of years, and then he brings gets burned out. He has to go. But no, I think then Joe, thank you very much for the call. I think that Zvereva's possibility if Tim Tebow wanted to be in the coach They wanted to get into coaching. That is definitely a vehicle for him with Jacksonville cause I don't know if he's good enough to make the 53 man roster. I would guess Noah 30, plus years old and just trying out to be a tight end. I don't think, though, that it's some insult to the game. Insult the football. Well, I didn't think it was an insult of baseball that he played minor league Baseball didn't care as much as what other people that he's taken away opportunities. No, he's not. No, he's not. This is not this is not your local high school football team or baseball team. This is not even a local college. This is professional sports. Professional sports means entertainment. Don't be Children about this. Don't be silly. Takes away an opportunity from somebody else. No, he doesn't. He means money. He means interest. He means dollars. He means that people will buy his jersey That's what he means. Do this for a lot of people. White guys get second chances and third chances and forth chances because they're good. Because we know that people pay attention to them, and some guys get a little bit more leeway than others. Tim Tebow gets more and he doesn't even need 2nd and 3rd chance because he seems to be a swell guy. Not be silly about this. There's not gonna be some guy if you were at a bar. In Topeka, Kansas. And there's some guy 20 years from now. You know, I had a chance to be a tight end with the Jacksonville Jaguars. And I was invited to rookie camp and all of a sudden, Tim Tebow showed up. Tim Tebow ruin my career. You pay your bill and get away from that guy. Just think about that for a moment. I could have been somebody That's Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite. It's not somebody you want to be around 20 years from now, That's weird. If you don't think that's weird. You're that guy. Onto Derek Jeter. I thought you were a Yankee fan. You're a Mets fan. And that right watchable. Yeah, I'm a Mets fan. I do not like your Jeter. And there's a reason for I respect why I respect this play. I think if we played for another team, I think he would not be held in such high regard. But I respect this play. I think he is a great shortstop. He's a hall of Famer. All all the accolades are true. He was a great player. I take none of that away. But I like interesting players. And there will be. There are fans of the game that Hey, they like Derek Jeter for the way place. Hey, that's great. That's perfectly fine. But I don't like to try to force personality where it's not. Might trap Mike Trout seems like a swell guy. Don't have a problem. I wish Mike Trout was a little bit more vocal, I think would be better for the game. Derek Jeter played at a point in baseball word They needed Derek Jeter, but they didn't need him as much as they would need him right now. They need personality. They're getting Maura. They need more stars. They got there were growing some or stars. Fernando te teach junior. If you listen to this, you know how much I adore him. They're growing some of those guys, but it still needs to happen at a faster pace for baseball, and I think we're getting there. It's gonna take a minute, but we're getting there. But Derek Jeter and I may be bocce ball will agree with me. Baby will be disgusted. Maybe you'll be both. I'm not sure. When I heard that they're working on a 30 for 30 about their cheater. I'll watch because they'll probably go over Alex Rodriguez. And there will be definitely reasons to watch that Joe Torry and 9 11 and the three straight World Series and how it all started with the Yankees were were garbage and people thought very little of the Yankees and how George Steinbrenner was this albatross hanging around the neck of the organization, and then they start to draft well, and Derek Jeter's a part of their organization, and they start to get together in the nineties, and they There's a renaissance of Yankee baseball from where it was in the eighties. I'll watch it. I got to.

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