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Hello everybody and welcome to your business breakthrough radio show i'm dr elizabeth armstrong and we have an excellent speaker all the way from norway jamie wrong stead is an incredible lady who has had breakthroughs after breakthroughs and is here to share with you what has brought her business for the next level so let's all welcome jamie to the show hi elizabeth thank you so much for having me hello jamie so was there a time in your business where you had a breakthrough that took your business to the next level oh definitely i've had a couple of breakthroughs i think i want to pull out the breakthrough that has meant more to me than any other breakthrough when i started my business i didn't know anything about starting in online business i just had this really great idea and i wanted to go online with it but i didn't know anything about facebook or other social media's i didn't know anything about online marketing so i started following this guru that was teaching in a business school and finally i signed up and i was so proud to go to business school because now i was gonna learn everything she had this system that if i followed her system step by step i would succeed and i thought that was almost too good to be true so i started out i implemented everything she said i just took everything night melted into my online business and nothing happened i thought it was something wrong with me so i took the all the classes again and i implemented again than i did it more this time in is wasn't working finally i realized that i had to do something in a different way and i wasn't quite giving up even though i thought.

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