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Jersey one away they need or two eight three one away five steve trevor lease we lost david cassidy sixty seven years old they've been going on like for the last couple of weeks india been hospitalized for several days with organ failure and you've been diagnosed with dementia early this year uh uh performed that bb king lose clubbing drill in new york in march vogue it about his dementia and said his arthritis may playing guitar an ordeal we're talking about atheism right now become an atheist and also the object that the atheist subject to the blessing of the animals at the bergen county animal shelter you uh uh blair a new jersey what a what point five eight you drive happy thanksgiving buddy same the you my friend happy thanksgiving it's time boss i hope wide uh i'm not going to ats but uh god bless david cassidy absolutely absolutely and uh even say he will say yes i like the guy you know he was a good performer good entertainer but he got caught up in the whole drug and alcohol on hold that thought uh anyway we lose another one but this and this is the whole thing with these animals the blessing of the animals are the animals protesting no animals what's the problem if the animals are okay with it we will get would it be articles are okay with it manner probably enjoying this thing yeah why don't we have the pledge scene of the acs well there's heads might blow watches to pystem off we're gonna be what we're gonna obliged black.

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