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But politically. When the governor more than a year ago said hey state you know statewide massar mandated etc on a local level. It kind of took political pressure away from local. This'll because that's right you're saying. Hey the law says this. That's all i can tell you you know you because i'm getting fifty percent of emails saying make mass mandatory and fifty percent of other emails. Saying you know you need to do something to make sure that they're not mandated etc. And so when the governor came out and did what he did it took political pressure off the local elected officials But then again. I can't wait a magic wand and issued an executive order that says you know thus saith this is what's going to happen in windsor nor does any other mayor have that power in northern colorado so it it puts it puts you know pressure or perceived pressure is probably the right way to say it puts perceived pressure on local elected officials. When we really don't have you know the ability to supersede what the state's doing or what counties are doing and obviously weld county's got a completely different view the lamoure county i mean larimer county is still ready to shut us down if they don't wear a mask or you know this so it it. It's it's and of course windsor. Being in both counties has to you know look at every situation completely different but it's It's made things very interesting. When we still have counties the two big counties obviously in northern colorado that's still have diametrically opposed viewpoints on. You know math and you know the variant and how they handle it. Well just say this for you. Mayor in meyer. I'm certainly glad wins. It's got a lot of great local breweries. Because i couldn't. I couldn't imagine having to deal with all of those decisions coming down your way but you guys still four john and there's a lot of really cool things happening in windsor. You know that are taking place What have you guys been focusing on. What are some of. The things are happening in windsor. Right now..

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