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I am the host of this show. Nicholas falana when football is back. Baby we just had week one action. Watch the rams take on. The bears rammed look really really good with matt stafford. That game just ended. But i i want to touch on the new york giants just abysmal. Twenty seven thirteen loss at home to the denver broncos at team that was five and eleven last year and i get it teddy. Bridgewater is their quarterback. And maybe i won't spend too much time on this game. Just because i will be talking about it on the chris joe show as well. 'cause this podcast is more about just brief happenings of everything else. That's going on in the league but this was a dismal dismal. Look for the giants team. In general the offense looked unimaginative again of just kind of resembled the twenty twenty thirty first ranked offense in yards and scoring which was also put on display by basically the giants only putting seven points up throughout the game. A garbage time rushing touchdown by daniel jones at the end made the game twenty seven thirteen. But it wasn't competitive for much of the game. At least i didn't feel competitive. Despite the fact that it was a one score affair up through the third quarter about midway through the third quarter. But the broncos may a lot of offense mistakes and the giants defense was opportunistic. Punching the football out of alberto's hand was great. Play by logan ryan happened in the red zone. But the broncos also dropping deep post touchdown blown coverage by dorie jackson k. J. hammer has to hang onto that. And you kinda knew. The bottom of the ship was just going to fall out because the giants just did not show up today. Like the denver. Broncos did the giants on third down while on defense. We're getting picked apart. And when they did come up with stops they allowed fourth down. Conversions credited vic fangio when his coaching staff were being very very aggressive against the new york giants and picking up those fourth downs credit. The teddy bridgewater and pat shurmur as well. I thought bridgewater found a very very good rhythm against this giants team. The patrick ram defense. We've been talking about it. All off season their ability to possibly play man coverage at an extensive rate in twenty twenty one. Now they attempted this against the broncos against quarterback teddy bridgewater who is in padma. Holmes isn't justin herber. He is a solid respectable. Nfl quarterback but he picked apart the giants man coverage. James bradbury was caught chasing jerry. Judy was caught chasing cortlandt sutton. So it was a dory jackson. These tight ends noah fan and alberto big alberto albert oak way. Benham they destroyed these giant safeties in man coverage and it wasn't necessarily because the coverage was terrible was just the timing and the rhythm of the quick passing game. Pat shurmur in teddy bridgewater was so on point and the secondary couldn't cover long enough to allow the pass rush to get in and the pass rush wasn't getting in quick enough to mask the secondary's deficiencies so the defense. The fact that they played just an astronomical amount of snaps sixty six snaps and it was like sixty two up until a competitive point in the game. When that melvin gordon seventy yard touchdown rush transpired. And then after that. The broncos took their foot off the pedal on the giants got about ninety five yards on those last two drives of just absolute garbage to make the four hundred twenty two three fourteen disparity look a bit more respectable but it really wasn't denver possess the ball for the majority of the game thirty five minutes to twenty four fifty two but again a lot of that came in the fourth quarter for the new york. Giants offense snoop giants offense couldn't sustain drives again. They got bottled down. They hit a big forty two yard. Catch daria slayton on the opening drive and then at an end around the cadavers. Tony go nowhere. Halfback draw get stuffed at an incomplete pass that forced a punt after a huge explosive game. Now the offensive line. It couldn't generate any push at the point of attack. It was an issue for the giants in this game. Something that we didn't necessarily think was going to be the issue with this offensive line. We speculated that the issue was going to be pass protection now. The broncos had to saxons game both by von miller. One against nate solder where von miller is used to hand punch to bench press nate solder to the outside to get an inside rush on daniel jones to get that sack and then the other one was matt paired to not even get out of the stance and von miller got probably one of the easiest sacks of his career by cornering into the cornerback with nobody impeding his way because parents here the snap happen now those two sacks hungry but we're going to be positive ben. Br edison played more snaps than chain lemieux and he actually looked pretty competent. Out there from everything that i saw. Now i do not have access to all twenty two as of right now and hope to get it soon though be clips on the site. If that's the case and andrew thomas now he wasn't gonna begin bradley job enter. Thomas also looked respectable in this game. It seemed like he was getting debt into sets and it also seemed now. Guinness is an all twenty two but it seemed like was square to his target. His feet and his hands were working in unison and he was playing with confidence little things that we saw down the stretch of last season. That were kind of coming up in this game against me. A solid pass rusher about thirty six pressures last year but no bradley shop. So i think that's important to know as well but again for just going to give an overall synopsis on this game. The defense was underwhelming. Did not live up to the hype that we expected coming out of twenty twenty but then again they were probably fatigued a lot down the stretch but just not being able to get off the field on third and fourth down killed that defense. Offense did not see the field nearly enough because the defense couldn't stop the broncos offense and because they can't sustain their own drives because they're an inefficient unit at thought. Daniel jones was solid in this game. I thought he had a couple impressive. Throws i think the third mate play where he identified the matchup of sterling shepherd against josie jewel and then fired to convert for a first down. That was a solid play. I think her predispo- snap. He had a couple of plays where. You're like okay. He's getting it. he's putting it together. But the frustrating thing about daniel jones roller coaster of daniel jones. The highs are not as high as they should be in. The lows are lower than they have to be and we also saw that happen when daniel jones just locks on targets. He didn't throw interception his game but he easily could have thrown to that one play in the red zone where he locked onto saquon barkley coming out of the backfield on a wheel route route. I love i love the concept it draws coverage to saquon barkley hopefully opening up cupboard underneath to the other receivers possibly the tight end..

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