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But like devastating judgment. You know, did you mean to grow the satisfieds to believe ever seen have you ever heard of a garden? No shows. Well, it's funny that for the the quickfire in place of Padma, they got someone named Weeda. Yeah. Like, hey. She's a really good. We so we that comes out and she says big Igli lady, and I immediately biker because she's the type I'm really individuals. But she's also. Like really into Ben and Jerry's. And look I say you have to have a balance because that's how I am too. I Sal it every day, but I also tons of cookies and ice cream, and I'm very happy person. Yeah. Exactly. So the big thing with this quick fire is that the we're going to be getting our last chance kitchen return e be the last last chance kitchen attorney. So we see like a quick montage. And I really appreciate it. Excuse me, getting my coffee delivery here. Thank you. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Sorry. I left my iced coffee in the fridge and. Stance his way in and out of that room. Yeah. So I I had these still here. I had to can you bring me my coffee, please. So he came in and did a song and dance for the TD party. So Sarah's like, oh, God, we'd I love we that. We'd invented food and Kentucky said something like that. I'm like, Sarah, Sarah, like, she's really she's really trying to sell Kentucky. Like, no one's. Sarah. Okay. Button garden friends may while while while wealth, we're getting engage in memory where reading in the castle liver Saleh lists. So last chance kitchen when apparently they had some sort of hidden valley ranch competition because a lot of close ups of ranch somewhere like Katie got a lady Boehner, but the winner was cashed bar at her wedding. The winner was Michelle which made me happy because I was worried that he was gonna win. Yeah. Michelle and her little sideways voice. Like, I'm really really glad to be back is psyched, I'm says to be back here. Tom goes, everyone last chance kitchen is closed for the season sort of like the future of mixologist just closed done doors shut doors shut in every corner. Just mixologist now. Okay. Great. At least you have hope a Mike my son. So there's so he's like grunion garden, and you know, you re put you so and I'm still trying to figure out what I sewed to rebate via mixologist. I guess that phrase a bad seat is totally correct. 'cause I must have been a bad seed and reaped mixologist. Rapid when totally bad scene, and he could have just trying to girl at school something like that. It's kinda funny. It's funny because I used to call him the number one seed like most likely to become an excellent chef in his father's footsteps, but you know, holidays, it's great. I'm sure although I don't know if I called mcsally if you're just putting some rum and Dak remix together to Jeffrey is, but hey, you know, it's the starburst. I I I thought he'd be the most likely to succeed now, he's just most likely to sucks, no took part. So I used to think he's most like it succeed. And now, he's just most likely to. Sleep until two PM. I guess. So they have they have forty five minutes to harvest cotton and make a vegetable full and dish. And we just like let the vegetable side. Show. Let b be in the splaying under e. We that's just happy sitting giggling, and I'm just happy turning whatever she says into a Carly Simon song. Let your hidden valley. More interesting. The winner Winston grant. Furnished by katie's Katie. I by someone who is a lot more successful than mixologist..

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