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Multiple opportunities to save face with the high table and keep stay alive and just murder John John wig. And you have multiple times said, no, I'm not gonna do that. And now for no reason whatsoever. Even though you have the upper hand you decide to kill him. I got the feeling that he kind of knew he would survive in the movies defense. I think it's possible that Winston, you John liquid survive. So he knew that shooting him and knocking him off a multi multi-storey building. Yup. Yeah. Don wick is. He killed three men with a pencil, okay? Babo Riley of Riley. Although here's what is weird to me is at the end of John wick chapter two or during John mcdevitt, you, there's a pretty awesome sequence where he's like meeting the gun, Somalia and meeting, the Taylor, and he's like, what kind of what kind of state do you want tactical? And it's like this suit has, like bulletproof lining sewn into it. And then later on he meets the elder gets a new suit, but apparently, that's suit also has the bulletproof lining. So I just like a standard thing now, I've only upgrades, the elder come out. I agree with you, that, like the idea of John wick, having a bulletproof suit is kind of lame. But this movie, I think they showed that the, the knives, first of all it may be bulletproof not quite knife roof. But the idea when they got those super super armed soldiers that was in that was like, okay. Oh, things were difficult again. You have to like it. Yes. The headshot like five headshots. And it's like it's a struggle shoot. I like like that struck neck or use a shotgun. So that was interesting. I like I like the movie did. Interesting idea had interesting ideas from the action perspective. Also a scene inspired by the villainous. I think with the motorcycles, right. Which is. Yeah. Which was vigorous movie of twists when he won the summer movie wager. In a huge anomaly, welcome guys. You're welcome. You're prepared for John wick three. I think that the villainous did it better, but it was very cool sequence. John wick for sure. Well, when he the guy he cuts off his arm, and the arm gets stuck in the motorbike wheel. And that's incredible. I think they're both peoples. Did it pretty well, but villainous does a lot more? CG. Trickery. A lot more camera tricks to make that look like people were actually writing a bike since we're fighting worries this movie it looks like they were definitely writing down the highway quite a bit. So, yeah, I don't know. I don't know. I mean, the camera was doing some pretty impossible stuff. So I, I don't know how they actually did it. But and big shout out to all this asan's who want to kill John wick, but not at the expense of killing a horsey. You know. Yeah. You gotta have standards. You know what I'm saying? It's the rate guys I love how respectful they were. During. The main villain from the raid one end to. Fight. John Wiggins movie, and that is awesome and yeah, I love how respectfully they were of him. And also it felt good to me that, then he didn't kill them after he defense. You know. Yeah. That felt good to me. So, okay. But back to the Halle Berry stuff. Here's the thing that really bothers me of Highbury stuff is we've just had this whole speech that Halle Berry gives about how, like I can't have these people finding my daughter, and I'm thinking to myself as the last eight is some trouble in my life. Okay. And I'm watching this, and I'm thinking like okay like wow. The actual emotional stakes. Maybe we're gonna meet the daughter like it's going to be you've you've got my you have my curiosity now. You have my John wick daughters, right? Yeah. Some of that. And then then she just goes, and then proceeds through jeopardize all that because of her dog, which on the one hand consistent unwanted inconsistent with John McGuinness. But, but, like the reason John wick destroyed Michael Nyquist entire organization in John one is because he had literally nothing to lose. He lost his wife. He his dog had been murdered. So I believe that that character..

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