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Let's go. I'm finally excited ecstatic in confident that charlotte's start getting things rolling in the right place. Lamelo ball start now because Scary terry terry rozier. In which is good mellow to start gets more experienced I like what i see man. I'm like what i see from the mellow. He averages more already than lonzo as a rookie. I mean lonzo's put whereas numbers than he is right now fourth year league. Whatever it is you know like yeah. I'm like what i'm seeing from. Lamelo man very unselfish He's not really trying to force the issues yet. Not trying to really force it. Just trying to be a ball hog aggressive enough. And i think he's going to be very very bat. Well-balanced complete player could rebound capacity ball. Can score all. He's got to work on his his jump. Shot mid range mid range jump shot threes in. He's going to be just fine dallas one dallas. Ain't look too good dallas. You know yeah. Porzingas has been hurt most of the season. But they lost steph curry. That doesn't help you know so. They definitely lost a key piece in a probably lost another piece. Did missing dallas needs to put more around. Luca clippers lost to the nets I've never been sold on the clippers. Man like kawhi. Paul george good. They've got good pieces around him. But i've never been sold. Paul george crunch time and i mean i don't see clippers ain't going stop no nets. I mean it's be hard to stop. James harden and kevin durant kyrie irving score. You gotta pick your poison. You almost needed. Just try to shut down while player. I'm thinking like james harden or something because he seems like the guy who crunch time produces the least. We got hit knicks. Beat chicago houston scott status here philly milwaukee brooklyn. Boston pacers hawks. I think that'd be your top teams all year long in it'd be a back and forth probably between i'm thinking brooklyn's go ended up taking over the number one seed probably end. You have a back and forth between failure milwaukee for.

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