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Haven't thrown away the idea of shooting a hurricane with a laser we're just trying to we're trying to sort it out we're trying to to test whether this is a good idea or not so. what's the second thought you have you have you had a recommendation. and I would have more songs would be good to play well. song okay songs people Calais. yeah I wanna grab landed to twist and shout it's got everything in it okay is that there is an Irish song it's called Donegal Danny is it's about a guy who's on the station about it because okay and this one model. yeah what would you estimate each one of these songs how long is a two three minutes four minutes maybe Max. twisting normal life so on the other one is pretty long and grand valley but it's exciting and it's you know that was on there and that people could play around their devices even if you don't play it on the radio that could play on their own devices. and that just taking that involve Danny and play it on not like on your we now. your laptop or not when I got to bill thank you for the call bill hooked us up with a couple songs we can play while we wait for this hurricane unfortunately it sounds like we're gonna have to put those songs on repeat four days later that it was fine Donald is a good song I always talk about as a dongle three months ago and I heard that song when I was there like in Ireland like we were on vacation in my family and so feel sometimes that was at least a little bit longer twist and shout I feel like it's real short yeah yeah yeah say that other song what is it seven eight minutes now yeah work or killed like seven or eight minutes or so you hate you realize this hurricane as George Waldburger our meteorologist here he said actually moved backwards for a second yeah it's wobbling was real cruel and unusual that's going backwards at this point honestly especially for the people the Bahamas on a series no but like for our sake to its come on we're one mile an hour now it's going backwards yeah I'm looking at it right now what my I mean it is just it's on our TV is here it is not moving whatsoever another cutting to what the storms actually doing to the Bahamas and it is it is a you know we just pray that people are safe over there and that they have taken at the right precaution a before this hurricane hit and that is the best piece of advice we can give you is stay not only safe but but this stay prepared overly prepared is better I just in case this thing decides it wants to tiptoe in to our into Orlando a little bit so I don't go anywhere we're gonna take more of your calls listen to more open mikes when re be returned. John could you show. this is news ninety six point five W. D. B. O.. turns first for breaking news twenty four hours a day..

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