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Experience positive or negative and turn it into a transformational learning exercise where you can off times turn bad experiences into positive outcomes i'm going to give me an example of this but it's a very simple form and again it's free when you downloaded on live abundantcomforwardtoolbox it's only up for two weeks because this is part of a whole toolbox kit that when we go out and travel retails for several hundred dollars but i want you to be able to download the weekly tool at no charge whatsoever so let's talk about this better life circle whatever experience you may have be it a talker a lesson or a e vander vacation anything that you do it could even be a marriage that you have had a rough go with what you do is in the first box at the top you write down a summary of the experience you'd like to learn from big as we all make choices and create periods and summer triumphs and others not so much but it's often from the less than stellar experiences that we can learn the most and use those lessons to live a better life so once you write down the experience you'd like to learn from you go to this second box which is divided into two columns one is a positive one is negative okay and what you do is you write down in evaluate what was positive and about that experience what was positive what worked and then the other column negative what didn't work and be thinking about the greatest take away from the experience so the positive the negatives what worked what didn't work and then as you go to the bottom of this form your rethinking how you would handle this type of situation differently in the future for a better result and all tell you how i do this when we hold our family retreat for the purpose or grandpa's camp every year gets better and better and better because we fill out one of these better life circles every time we finish up an annual grandpa's camphor our grandchildren but it could be even a marriage that didn't work out and it never ceases to amaze me how many people sometimes we'll on the rebound date and get married again and then they say well i'll come i keep marrying you.

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