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Hopefully that's not an end point though right that should engender even more conversation and there should be all kinds of people not just me but many others come along and say i want extend the compensation in this direction or that direction because i disagree with this part where i disagree with that part and that's a good thing right like that's what we want that we we should what of our culture right that we have this really vibrant world where we're having serious really well in conversations about things that are incredibly important to the future of our politics and into the state of our self understanding. I'm going to ask you a little bit about process. Because one of the things that i find really interesting about your writing is how you reflect on your writing. You talk about returning to essays to work buildings for two years. You talk about writing individual pieces not necessarily with the goal of reducing this project at the time that you start writing in two thousand fourteen. Twenty s writing to make sense of the world. Sometimes you're writing as using writing as a method of inquiry even in the book you talk about the process of the letter Compared to baldwin not yourself to baller but the sort of draw on ballwig's essays is a way of saying on the page itself because only inquiry of this is fascinating to me. It makes me wonder how you'd think about writing as a process. What does your writing process. Look over actually. Asking meta question i ask. Since that's the kind of motor sort of how do you think abou- before i get into the specifics of your process. What is what is writing. Process me to you. What is the importance of thinking about process for me. The process of writing always begins in reading the to me. There's there's no real secret you know. There's no secret sauce In that sense right from my point of view. It's like i think it's pretty pretty evident in essays themselves that you know you know i'm someone who does a lot of.

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