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Nine FM WNYC is supported by Park Avenue armory is judgment day this new adaptation by Christopher Shinn directed by Richard Jones and starring Luke Kirby is part socio political exploration and war thriller now in previews info it armory on Park dot org Catholic charities with one in nine Americans struggling with hunger Catholic charities help provide food along side gateways to life changing services that empower people to move beyond hunger learn more at C. C. USA dot gives this is WNYC ninety three point nine FM in HD Brendan B. R. and WBEZ Chicago this is wait wait don't tell me the NPR news quiz I'm bill Curtis and I'm Peter Sagal they always said it is hard to live in interesting times but as we found out this week sometimes interesting times are kind of boring we'll talk about the lectures we got instead of the action we crave plus comic actor alley one allows us to be her maybe plus bill Curtis remembers my first time posting this show you just watched his team is drawn drop to the floor last really bombs on our quiz right after this hour's news.

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