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You just going around cleaning things interacting with the kids. Tuck them into bed, and that's it. And then it's like, okay. Well, is this going to be the whole movie like is this what everyone is calling a masterpiece? Like, this is whatever, you know. And then you start to see like what the the master full strokes. Are you know, which is that you have these extremely long deliberate camera motions that are loaded with detail like? We play this game. Recently talked about it on on one of Jeff's podcast called red dead redemption to and it it's a it's a game. Where like you're riding around the old west and every now and then you'll encounter like somebody. Who's like, oh, my horse fell on me, my horse fellow man, each it helped me up like this just like all these stories everywhere, you know? And I know obviously that game was inspired heavily by film. But that's how I felt about this this movie in the sense that like every frame there is like a dozen stories going on right? All the. All those horses fell on all those. But it's like in the background is you know, there's like, oh, there's a guy arguing with someone in the restaurant. Right. That you're in. And that's a whole story playing itself out. And there's like a dozen of those every scene, you know, that just like narratives playing themselves out in the background like, I it just all so packed with detail. And it's like, it's the kind of movie that you don't see anymore because anytime that filmmakers want to pack the frame with stuff, they use visual effects. Now, you know, usually the movies that we watch anyway, but this hearkens back to something like bridge of the River Kwai, you know, where if they want to have four hundred people in the background. They got four hundred people stand in the background. There are shots in this movie that are timed. So precisely that I'm I can't yet mind mind boggling how there's a shot where the camera is sort of slowly pending across in. It's time to perfectly to this guy. Literally coming. Out of a cannon in the. Way far away. And it's like what can take to cue the cannon at exactly like how many times did they have to do this with? And that's I mean, it's not just foreground and cannon background. It's like three hundred people doing all kinds of stuff also candidate background, it's insane. And that's not rare. This movie is just full of that is insane. I think that phrase draft like like something we don't see any more..

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