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You've got five eligible receivers. You've got five officials around the two in the line of scrimmage in the three deep each have an official. And so coming off the line, you go man, you have a ball. You have a man you have a receiver that you've got a clear the line of scrimmage, and he goes into tone, whatever receiver comes into years on you take him. And then when the ball goes in the air, everybody goes ball, and to me there were three officials to primarily that had perfect looks of this. And they froze I mean, I think that, you know, this whole notion of you know, subconsciously, you know, trying to make the big call. They're never told directly at all to let them play never. But I think once you get into the you know, the playoffs like this teams do play a little better. And you, you know, you wanna stay away from the ticky tack stuff that the. May have called earlier. I don't know. But it's it's inexcusable. I mean, I can't I can't offer anything to defend them in this situation. I I've always felt like it's a bang bang play that you're better off not calling. This was not a bang bang play. And this was a defender that was not playing the ball. This was a defender that went high and made contact to the head or neck area. And nothing came out of that nothing came out of that from anyone of the three, and it's gonna live gonna live with that, you know, not as long as the saints fans in the same players are going to have to live with it. Because you know, they'll be back on the field, of course, next year old so, but it's I can't I can't come up with an excuse other than they just pros cuts and then another one for you. Here's Bill Venevision speaking to a pool reporter afterwards was asked about the planes. I I didn't see it. I haven't seen it yet which infuriated saints fans even more their possibility that the league. Addresses on on on how things like this are addressed for fan base seeking answers immediately. Mike, well, you know, to me I'd like to see it, quite frankly address from the league office right after the game instead of instead of the official because you you know, you did the thing in real time. And you they send a pool reporter. And then you haven't even seen it on television yet. So you make yourself look worse. They only let the referee talk, and you know, and he'd rightfully so he didn't see it. I mean, he stays these days with the quarterback. So that's not his view at all. But I I would agree that the you know, that the response wasn't appropriate to the act, but to me I'd rather I'd rather have. I'd rather have the league office as they addressed it with Sean Payton afterwards apparently in the conversations with our Veron. I I would rather be some mechanism that if there was a pool report requested that it could actually go to the league who at least could be involved in the, you know. In the statement. I mean, it was on the scoreboard. And I understand that there. He's still an official trying to officiate a game. But there's no way. He didn't look I two more questions for you. Mike Pereira before let you go. Okay. I one from the the rush. I mean, I'm always happy. Now. I know that I know that you know, I've got I guess my own time constraints in a way for the on the clock. So the overtime rules any any any appetite to allow a team that's given up a touchdown the chance to respond with touchdown. Why? No. I just think it went long enough with the you know, feel feel ending the game..

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