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Sanders Top local stories from the Cocoa 24 7 News Center. The arrival of the UK Cove, it variant in Washington as the state Department of Health stepping up its game to screen for all virus mutations, couples, Ryan Harris explains. State epidemiologist Dr Scott Lindquist says the goal right now is to have 5% of all positive coronavirus tests sequence to find out if it's a variant. We also have a very aggressive process in the state. Now, if the lab does a specific test, that is an indicator of it could be this variant. Were Gina typing those in real time. Lindquist also says. The state lab is just a couple of weeks away from joining the U. W labs in screening for variants. Meanwhile, vaccine providers are expecting slightly longer term consistency and allocations so they can better plan their clinics. More than three dozen providers did not meet their target of giving 95% of the doses they received, so they're seeing their next allocations reduced. Ryan Harris come Oh News Energy's Leigh says there will be thousands of legitimate criticisms of his regional pandemic re opening plan. Like what Come counties claim it's still closed. While King County has higher Covad rates it can reopen restaurants but easily says he believes the data and the broad view of hospital resource is make the regional approach. The best plan argued that a county approach would be better. I understand those arguments. They have some resonance with me The reason we did it this way. Some of Which not everybody thinks about what we have to think about everything, not just our little narrow looking through the keyhole here. Governor also says the re evaluation every two weeks instead of once a week and help protect the region for return to restrictions. If one county has a bad week, he says, the ultimate goal is to save lives. Seattle Police Department now has a revised plan to bring it into compliance with a federal consent decree more from Cuomo's Jeff Pooja Love plan was presented to a federal judge earlier today who must still prove it. According to the federal Monitor overseeing SPD. The riots this past summer where a setback for a lot of training issues are a lot of use of force issues, and they're a lot of disciplinary issues. When you combine all that that really effectively moved the city out of compliance. That's Antonio. Awfully. Among the provisions in the new plan is an effort to encourage officers to rat out others that abuse their authority. The department has been bound with a federal consent decree for years following the discovery of systemic civil rights and constitutional violations within the agency. Jeff Pooja look come on Use legislators considered a pair of bills today concerning the use of force by Law Enforcement House Bill 12 67 creates a new state office of independent investigations to look into police incidents involving in custody, death or sexual assault. Republican representative Brad did. Clippard says the measure is unnecessary, citing a case in Pasco in which a man was killed by police every level two year period of time. Found that the very first investigation was correct those after officers acted appropriately. The Public Safety Committee voted to move the bill forward. Another bill that creates a standard for police use of force was put off until the committee's next meeting. Southwest Washington Man has been charged in connection with right of the U. S Capitol last month. Jeffrey Grace, who appeared in federal court in Portland is seen in the background of pictures of a man carrying away a lectern he's charged with knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building or grounds without lawful authority. Grace told investigators he was not a member of any of the organized groups of writers and picked up items that had been knocked over. Before leaving Bill being introduced in Olympia addresses drug addiction recovery by focusing on treatment instead of punishment come Oh Soo Romero reports. The bill creates the Pathways to Recovery Act, which takes a three pronged approach to substance abuse disorder, outreach treatment and recovery support. Prime sponsor representative Lauren Davis says Our current system isn't working. We found one leg of a three legged stool. We pay for treatment over and over because insurance covers it. Former user Danny study. Um, now a drug and alcohol counselor, says all three parts are needed to help people succeed. Punishment for having a disease doesn't work. It just makes it harder for them. Under the bill, Police would no longer give out citations for certain drug possession infractions, but instead connect people with appropriate services. See Romero Come on NEWS someone who's times 7 10 for the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk. College basketball finds all of our three major Washington Colleges on the road starting a little later at eight will be the Cougars and the Ducks. Right now we're in the second half the Huskies behind Oregon State leading 47 to 35. And at the half Gonzaga's behind Pacific Tigers, leading 32 to 31 over the Bulldogs in the home of Beavers. Football gets a huge gift for a face lift. Here's Cuomo's bill's words. $50 million from an anonymous donor, largest single gift in Oregon State University history and it goes to renovate Reaser. Football stadiums West end When finished, says O s U Athletic director Scott Barnes. Seating capacity will actually go down from the current 45,000 seats and change to the mid to high 30. Thousands. Three Former U Dub Huskies on the Tampa Bay Super Bowl roster Vita via betting put away and the punt return specialist Jay Don Makins, Just like Washington. Only thing I'm missing now is Number one and number 16 on left and right to be, you know, but I love those guys, you know, from the core from Seattle on the land, and every day, Mr Pickens and the Buccaneers are a field goal underdog against Kansas City. Sunday. Sports updates a 10 and 40 after the hour. Bill Swerts Comeau News..

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