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Struggled, so I usually wait for the You know the young quarterbacks to kind of go down a little bit before they bounced back up. My M V P right now is Russell is Russell Wilson. I can't give it to anybody else is Russell you got for N v P. I think so, too. And partially because it is most valuable player. They wouldn't win games without him because their defense is horrific, like historically bad think they'd give it the second most yards ever after eight games? And there, what five and two are saying the fact that they're They're after eight weeks when it was that they are in games because of him, and they wind in games late because of him, So he's the M V P in my mind, no doubt. Yeah. And as far as the Super Bowl's concern, give me the Seahawks and the Chiefs, who you got That's a good question. I would probably go Chiefs Packers. I like the Packers balance in the fact that Rogers is under center right now, because all right, Okay, coming up. Next, we head down to Georgia to hear from someone that is at the Masters. You are listening to prime time on ESPN radio. Coming up Monday. It might be November, but the Masters is still the Masters. Can Tiger Woods defend his title and put the green jacket on again? Keyshawn Jalen Zubin Monday at six Eastern on ESPN radio? Anyone who has ever needed self storage knows what a hassle it can be. You have to rent her, borrow a truck and then find someone to help you move your stuff and let's face it. Moving furniture and heavy items without damaging them isn't easy. Renting the unit is worse. The hidden fees and admin costs are scarier than the dingy facilities. You're leaving your stuff in. Why not use closet box? Instead, closet boxes, self storage without leaving home, They'll pick up your belongings, stored them securely and bring any item back when.

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