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And then of course you have to get your basics. You're cleaning supplies. Your kids in organizational items toiletries And that actually brings me to our V.. Friendly Toilet paper. Don't use Sharman. I'm sorry Sherman but that stuff will clog up your RV so quick. I remember what I tried to use. You know sermon soft. I was so excited sided and it just clogged up so we had to pay someone to come out one hundred and fifty bucks to back Flush RV tank to get all the cluttered a toilet paper out so get used to not using the good stuff in the RV. You're definitely need to find your. RV friendly toilet paper Because you don't want to make a hundred and fifty dollar mistake because again. That's your resources at your money that you're traveling. We run out to dinner a couple of times multiple times with that But we had to spend it on back flushing. RV So don't make the same mistake as we did. There's a lot of brands of like. RV friendly toilet paper and honestly you. You can find these at camping. World's a lot of campsites actually carry. RV friendly toilet paper in the little mini camp store because they know that so important to your RV the system so you can when you're traveling through RV parks in different places. Walmart's you can actually find a lot of places that have friendly. RV Toilet Paper Roll along the road and the last thing. I really want to bring up our trailer hitches because they're so important when you're driving down the road so for for us we me nowadays. Just have our classy motor home and our scooter. But there's a specific thing that we have to put our scoot around. You know we have this motorcycle hedge so it just goes right into our hitch and then there's a ramp that we can put our scooter up in and then we use tie. Downs straps to tie-down or scooter. So that's one option of a trailer hitch Another trailer hitches. Their ball hitch. And those are the ones that you're gonNA ninety percent of trailers us They you know you just drop the trailer on it. Unlock it in you. Use Your latches and you can take off Plugging your electricals. That way. There's brake lights on your trailer. But then there's the fifth wheels like we talked about in the last boone docking with Brad which are in the middle of your truck so this wouldn't be an RV now this is not for our RV but this is to go into a truck so there's many different options for trailer hitches And our saving grace. This year was definitely the load bar. Sway Bar Combo This this little bar sway bar. Combo is like three hundred and fifty bucks but it just it saves your rear when you're driving eighty miles an hour down the road in your RV with the trailer behind it and then you get a big huge gust of wind like we did in Texas. I mean I still had to pull over. visit them feel safe. But I know for sure that this load bar sway bar. Combo really helped now with this. What does slowed bar sway? Bar Combo does is is it takes the load off of your rear wheels and it puts them more towards your front wheels making it more even not what a load bar does the sway bar with that does hooks up to your trailer and it makes your trailer doesn't sway back and forth or fishtail so while you're driving your you have complete control control over your vehicle. One thing that I learned is because I was pulling so much weight in our trailer this year is that we needed to get front shocks. That could hold up a better too so we actually blew out like our shocks on this year and so we Had to get those replaced. That was it was a cheap upgrade but basically now it's ready for the next time we ever have to pull a trailer behind us so there's a lot of little technicalities when you're towing behind A trailer like ah I mean this one had was probably at full capacity between the weight of our RV itself because you have to factor that into towing power for your engine. Your specific engineered chassis was like nine thousand pounds and I remember there was a point where between what our housing was or RV itself and the trailer behind. Find Us. Because you have to factor in the weight of the trailer itself. Even the tow bar hedge was like one hundred pounds The low bar. Combo is hundred. Pounds And then the weights. We had two pallets of Syrup which was another like five four or five thousand pounds so basically we had seven thousand impounds when I was done calculating it An eight thousand power pound to- limit and that's good because you don't want to push to your limit the whole time but we were only driving thing for like twenty hours with that and then dropped off one pallet and kept on going out north when we're heading to Las Vegas last year so there's definitely a lot of different for instances and you really need to make sure that you understand what your limits are for your vehicle and what they need so just because you have a classy doesn't mean you can tell whatever you want because it doesn't have the correct amount of power to actually pull those behind so then that leads you into maybe upgrading to that class. A. Diesel Or Class A gas. You know you do that but it's always better have diesel. It's definitely a better pusher. It's better for when you're going through the Blue Ridge mountains in the great smoky mountains. Or if you're going through the passes over Breckenridge Vail definitely want that diesel pusher because otherwise you're gonna be going up these at like forty forty miles an hour and it's gonNA drive you and everybody around you crazy so knowing your limits and how toe and where you're going is so important when traveling traveling but I guess that's something that will have to cover in a future episode boondock brand and Today I was really happy to be able to take you through the essentials that you need for. RV living just go a little bit more into understanding your RV specifically Understanding your needs and what it is that drives these beautiful homes across this country. You've been listening to park. Land a show about National Channel Parks Park Land as production iheartradio created by MAC. Cara Wak Brad Care. Whack and Christopher has Yoda's produced an edited by Mike. 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