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They were doing great. I love it. I went to wrestlemainia my son is all in like it's not like we don't like WB, but it was always like it'd be fun if there's one more challenger and now feels like we have David shoemaker. It sure does. I mean, listen, we're talking about the Monday night wars era, and how that was the air that all these wrestling fans love. It's not just us WWE loves that era to half of the content on the WB is in reminiscence of the Monday night wars. I mean sure part of it, most of its they won. And they're glorifying themselves in the process. But that listen, there's two big things at Mark some of the greatest moments in wrestling history. One is technological leaps in cable TV came on restless when wrestling took the big jump on. There have been numerous examples over the years. But the other thing is competition, WWF would never have been WWF without the end of UA going without trying to take over for the NWEA. They would've never been what they are today if they didn't have WCW going at them on Monday nights, and then they tried to create their own competition by doing a brand split between Ron smackdown. Now, they had this sort of, in house competition from inex- t. And they previously, they had e c w but they're never going to have competition like real competition. And for years, it was there is the specter of TNA wrestling, which became impact wrestling, which sort of took that spot and more than anything. I think just squatted on squatted on TV time slot and made it impossible for anyone else to compete because they underachieve or they weren't able to achieve up to the level of WCW or something and discouraged other competition. But now we finally had this other thing, and you're right. I mean, part of it's just real wrestling in part of it is, is old school. And we saw this double, or nothing on Saturday night, Cody Rhodes versus Dustin Rhodes the two children of dusty the, the legend go head to head in the bloodiest grudge match, you could imagine that, of course. Spoiler alert ended with them, you know, embracing at the end of the match. Yeah. Emotional old school emotional invested wrestling, and seventy percent of the power of that was in these beautiful promos. They cut before the event on there were on YouTube. And I mean that was really cool. And then the other half. It is this very, I guess, in wrestling terms is kind of ultra-modern style of sort of post real post post, you know, K Fave..

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