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Spice latte as really mostly consumed by young women. Weirdly, that's the internet myth men or sometimes stigmatized for drinking pumpkin spice latte taste. But we like our pumpkin spice latte tastes to in the right atmosphere. Apparently more from marketwatch reporter, Allesandro Melito Alessandra. What's going on? On social media. There are always a lot of jokes about men ordering pumpkin spice latte or really drinkers things like that. So I spoke with NPD group, which the market research firm, and I asked them of the pumpkin spice consumer is what you know, what's on there, and they said nearly half. So forty seven percent of pumpkin. Spice latte tape buyers are men. Interesting because that's pretty much fifty fifty. In fact, it's actually of the regular consumers. There are less men than women like a ferret of plane, lots buyers are meant so it shows that when it comes to pumpkin spice latte as versus regular men. Gravitate more towards the pumpkin spice latte than the regular. About this. What's behind it? I I know I like it just goes it's sweet. So the flavor it's obviously very important. But I was speaking to some consumer shopping experts who said that it also has to do with just a change pumpkin spice latte days when they come on the scene, even though this year, they came in August usually indicates the change in season. You get the cool.

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